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    Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    Ellen Introduced Michelle Obama To Boxed Wine, So Your Choices Are Fine

    Would pay to see this buddy comedy.

    Yesterday, Michelle Obama expertly trash-talked her husband on Ellen.

    Warner Bros.

    And today we've been gifted with a second FLOTUS/Ellen adventure. But this time, they went shopping at CVS.


    Ellen was just opening things left and right.


    The first lady was very confused by Coinstar.


    Ellen thought she spotted Bernie Sanders.


    And, most importantly, our first lady had her first encounter with boxed wine.


    Ellen opened it (of course), and they passed it out to the good patrons of CVS.


    We've learned two valuable lessons today: No one is above boxed wine, and don't go shopping with Ellen.


    Check out the full clip below.

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