Members From This Small Town Rallied Together To Support A New Mother With A Brain Tumor

A week after 25-year-old Katie Hixson gave birth to her second child, she was told she had a brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately. Now her small Ohio community is rallying around her.

1. Katie Hixson, her husband Richard, and their daughter Izzy live in Athens, Ohio, a small college town.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

2. Two weeks ago, Kate gave birth to a baby boy, Roman.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

3. The following week, Katie had a persistent migraine and sought the advice of a doctor.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

Katie with baby Izzy in 2011.

4. On January 27th, the doctor found a tumor on her brain roughly the size of a lime. On January 30th, Katie was admitted for surgery to have the tumor removed.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

5. The doctors successfully removed the tumor, but found that cancerous cells had been reproducing inside it. Katie is beginning low-level chemotherapy in a few weeks, including 6 weeks of radiation.

6. Katie’s best friend, Chelsea, has kept the community updated on Katie’s health via Facebook.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

7. Because most of Katie’s hair had to be shaved off for the surgery, Chelsea decided to shave off part of her hair to show Katie she wasn’t alone.

Chelsea Buckley / Via Facebook: events

8. Zach Traxler, who also grew up in Athens with Katie and now owns Traxler Custom Printing, offered to donate t-shirts to anyone who shaves part or all their head for Katie by February 8th.

Traxler Custom Printing / Via

9. So far, 13 people have stepped up and posted pictures for Katie, including her husband.

Glenn Vickers / Facebook: events

Wendy Kastly / Facebook: events

Malinna Monroe / Facebook: events


10. Katie is home resting with her family, and incredibly grateful for the continued support.

Katie Hixson / Via Facebook: katie.hixson.9

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