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22 Pictures Only Fangirls Will Understand

Do you have a second to talk about the Church of Fandom?

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1. When the new season drops on Netflix:

Cartoon Network

2. And once you've finished the season finale:

3. When they announce the tour dates:

4. When you start to plan the logistics:

5. And when you finally get there:

6. When you're between paychecks:

7. When the Home Depot guy asks why you're buying buckets in bulk:

8. When even your family knows why you're feeling down:


9. Dammit, fam:

10. When you carve out the time of day to check on your fellow fangirls:

11. When you have to explain what a fandom is:

12. And deal with the inevitable confusion that follows:

13. When people judge you for your passion:

14. It's fine, guys, I'M FINE:

15. When your fictional obsessions start to creep into the real world:

16. Seriously, the line between fiction and reality is blurring fast:

17. When people ask you why you're always single:

18. And why you know in your heart that's not going to change anytime soon:

19. When you realize your priorities might be different than most other people's:

20. When your opus is complete:

21. When you realize age really doesn't matter in the world of fangirling:

22. And when you know you've found your fellow fangirl soulmates:

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