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    KJ Apa Is The Purest And Sweetest Dude On Twitter

    Protect him at all costs.

    You probably know KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, the redheaded star of Riverdale.

    But you probably don't know that KJ Apa has the Purest Twitter Account Ever. It's so sweet and good.

    1. From his very first tweet...

    2. his surprising use of #pussy, it's a treasure trove.

    It's so hot! Lying in bed with my foot out of the covers scared someone will grab me!! πŸ˜” #pussy

    3. He gifts us with existential observations.

    why is it that whenever people get really famous they cover themselves in tattoos

    4. And paranormal insight.

    A ghost could be humping you right now and you wouldn't even know

    5. He asks big questions.

    What are some hot Disney characters?? What do you reckon

    6. He digs riddles.

    I won't break if you throw me off the highest building, but I will break if I touch the water. What am I.....

    7. Yep, he REALLY just loves his riddles.

    A father & his son are in a carcrash.The father dies.Boy goes 2 hospital & the Dr. Says "I cant operate on him, hes my son." How can this be

    8. And animal selfies.

    9. "Haha."

    10. KJ is great with advice.

    You can't climb a ladder with your hands in your pockets. Be a doer, don't let other people stop you from doin your thang!

    11. He's Mr. Sage Advice, more or less.

    12. He's pretty much never wrong.

    People crave the strangest things!

    13. He knows when to chill.

    14. But he doesn't shy away from the tough stuff.

    I feel myself withering away as I speak

    15. And KJ is into music!

    16. He loves Ed Sheeran.

    17. And Justin Bieber.

    JBs new album πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

    18. He's also into Kendall Jenner.

    19. He likes so many things, like hugs.

    The tighter the hug, the better

    20. And San Francisco.

    21. And Paris.

    Oui! Oui! Oui! I've only been here 30 mins and Paris is the best place I have ever been

    22. And Netflix.

    Hahahaha man how good is Netflix aye... sometimes I think it's too good to be true

    23. And even migraines.

    Love having migraines on New Years

    24. Oh, and dessert.

    Hershey pies 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    25. Well, food in general.

    26. Marmite in particular.

    27. And bone broth? Whatever, love him.

    I drink bone broth instead of coffee now

    28. And he seems to love massages? Well, he at least finds them funny.

    Just had my first massage hahaha couldn't stop laughing the whole time

    29. But the thing he loves most, above all things, is Spider-Man.

    Love Spider-Man. Fave superhero. Can't wait to see new movie!

    30. He can't wait for the new movie.

    31. Loved the trailer.

    32. Spider-Man.

    33. Yup.

    34. Lol.

    I'm at wizard world can someone please bring me a Spider-Man suit? Cheers

    35. Just to be clear, KJ doesn't want to play Spider-Man...

    Btw I don't mean playing the role of Spider-Man. I mean actually being Spider-Man

    36. ...he wants to BE Spider-Man.

    37. He might even have a Spider-Man tattoo by now, it's unclear.

    Would it be bad if I got a Spider-Man tattoo? Lol

    38. Look, KJ is just so sweet.

    Find out what you truly love and throw your whole life at it

    39. He's such a sweet fangirl.

    But how much of a legend is @TheRock .

    40. And his tweets are so pure.

    Sometimes I fantasize about being a professional rugby player

    41. The Purest.

    Being YOURSELF will never lead you astray.

    42. And relatable!

    Impossible to stay ripped in hiatus

    43. And random!

    44. We must protect him. At all costs.

    Back on twitter hunnies, what have I missed

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