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Kel From "Kenan & Kel" Just Showed Up To The VMAs Looking Fine AF

Get some orange soda, because I'm on fire.

Remember sweet, perfect '90s Nickelodeon? And the sweet, perfect show that was Kenan & Kel?


We all know that Kenan went on to star in Saturday Night Live...


BUT WHAT OF KEL?! Orange soda–loving, adorable Kel?!


Well, it turns out Kel is doing just fine. Literally. He showed up to the VMAs tonight looking FINE.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sir, where have you been?

On the red carpet at the #VMAs with @Iamkelmitchell! #watchwithUs

Sir, why have you been depriving us of all this beauty?

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Raise your hand if you wish you were a bottle of orange soda. ✋✋✋✋


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