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    Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Called Anna Faris From Their Movie Set

    Guys, everything is fine.

    You might have heard by now that Jennifer Lawrence was pretty nervous to film her first sex scene with Chris Pratt for Passengers.

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    So nervous, in fact, that she got drunk.

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    You are, perhaps, also aware that Chris Pratt and his IRL wife, Anna Faris, are the best couple in the world.

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    So, are things awkward between J. Law and Anna?


    Nope, not at all! Chris and Jennifer called Anna on her most recent podcast episode from the set of Passengers. It was all cute and casual and not awkward.

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    Aubrey Plaza was Anna's IRL guest, and she was pretty shocked when they got the call. "Prove it, now," she demanded.

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    Chris proved it by revealing he knew Aubrey grew up next to a graveyard.

    "I feel so lucky to have the company of these three ladies," Chris said of his real wife (Anna), TV wife (Aubrey, aka April on Parks and Recreation), and Jennifer (well, they're not married in Passengers but whatever).

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    Anna joked that she could marry the two onscreen in Passengers and Aubrey could float by the spaceship window.

    "Jennifer, you know I have a small — more than small — obsession with you," Anna said before the call ended.

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    Anna also told J. Law that she has "the most beautiful hair" and offered to be her alibi if J. Law ever decided to murder someone.

    Oh, and Chris Pratt rapped.

    What a lucky guy.


    You can listen to the full episode of Anna Faris Is Unqualified here.

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