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    Sarah Michelle Gellar Gave A Touching Tribute To "Buffy" On Its 19th Anniversary

    "I am and forever will be #grateful."

    Yesterday marked 19 full years since Buffy Summers, Chosen One and Number One Slayer, first graced our television sets on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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    You remember Buffy, yes? The most important show of the '90s and early '00s?

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    The show that would, over the course of seven seasons, make us feel every emotion on the human spectrum?

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    Since those days, Buffy (AKA Sarah Michelle Gellar) has grown up and taken on lots of different roles and projects...

    ...but she's still got a special place for the show in her heart. And every so often she treats us to #TBT pics and memories on her Instagram.

    "So it's #throwbackthursday and #nationalhugday - what do you say @sethgreen and #alysonhannigan? Who are you hugging today??"

    And so, to commemorate the show's 19th anniversary, she posted a picture of Buffy from the very first episode, with a sweet message about gratitude.

    Remember that iconic blue blouse? It's the blouse Buffy wore when she first kicked Darla's ass.

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    It's the blouse she wore when she and Willow chilled at The Bronze for the first time, chatting about boys.

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    Haha, Willow. So much ahead of you, girl.

    It's the blouse she wore when she FIRST MET ANGEL.

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    And he gave her that very, very important necklace. Geez, that blouse was so important.

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    Love you forever, Buff.

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