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Here's Everything We Know About Merlin On "Once Upon A Time"

We chatted with Elliot Knight about magic, Storybrooke, and a possible Hook bromance.

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He's quickly become a fan favorite.

tonight on ouat: damn merlin is hot


Merlin's definitely a hero. For now.

Jack Rowand / ABC

"I consider everyone a hero, to be honest. Especially in this show, you have so many different characters, everyone has their own drive. What is good and evil? The show makes us think about it. Is anyone all good or all evil? What makes you who you are is your choices. I consider Merlin a hero, however, it depends on the telling. It's never simple. Look at King Arthur."

Now that we know Merlin also lost his one true love to the powers of the Dark One, we might get that bromance with Hook we've been dreaming of.

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"There's definitely is a link between Hook and Merlin that will be explored a little further. I can't say when, but there is something there to explore. Maybe we'll have some pirate adventures."

But we haven't seen the last of Nimue. She'll be back.

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"There's definitely more to come of her. I don't know what they're going to include of what was filmed, but I know that there is definitely more to her path."


So far we've only seen Merlin in flashbacks, but we might see Merlin in present-day Storybrooke.


"I wouldn't say that Merlin is necessary roped to time and space in the same way other characters might be."

Knight's had no problem diving into the magic of Once Upon a Time.

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"I was the kid who was sat in his room, trying to move objects across the room with my eyes or my mind. I used to watch Charmed and The Secret World of Alex Mack — she was the best. I so enjoy that kind of work, it's an example of the most engaged you have to be with your imagination."

Though he is really surprised everyone thinks he's so hot.

Jack Rowand / ABC

"I never expected the reaction I got, I guess I just don't think of myself that way. It wasn't my focus at all. Everyone's been so great, and the fandom is so huge and passionate and dedicated. It really is great to feel so supported. I'm really glad people like the character, it's a huge bonus."

And his all-time favorite Merlin? Sam Neill in 1998's Merlin, the TV mini-series.

"That's the one I grew up watching, that was pretty much my first encounter with Merlin. I watched it so many times with my mum growing up, and my sister watched it growing up as well."