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    23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For

    These will totally slay you.

    1. This harsh but fair observation.

    2. When art mirrored life too closely.

    3. This very accurate online dating profile suggestion.

    4. The time the set dresser got super meta.

    5. For when slaying inevitably makes you hungry and horny.

    6. This universal truth.

    7. This oddly prophetic moment.

    8. The inevitable descent into obsession.

    9. The ultimate pop culture mashup.

    10. This improvised, but still correct, screencap.

    11. This completely justified tangent.

    12. This goddamn subtext.

    13. Proof that the earth is doomed.

    14. This jokester, who's no dummy.

    15. Okay? Okay.

    16. This poor soul, who's 11 years late.

    17. This bloody guy.

    18. The real litmus test for if you're ready to procreate.

    19. This stirrer of the slayer pot.

    20. That time Angel totally slayed Buffy.

    21. This uncomfortable colliding of worlds.

    22. This applicable use of modern slang.

    23. This one's really a (Hell)mouthful.