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20 Facts About Your Favorite Pixar Movies You Probably Don't Know

They actually made all the food in Ratatouille.

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The California Science Center's upcoming Science Behind Pixar Exhibition is full of fun behind-the-scenes facts about your favorite Pixar movies. We got a sneak peek, and here are some of the coolest things we learned.


4. The art department for Brave designed Queen Elinor's dress by taking actual matte silk fabric samples and painting metallic colors onto them. Shading artists later replicated the look digitally.


7. All the bedroom doors in Monsters, Inc. were made from different combinations of 26 paint colors, 12 styles, eight shades of wood, 10 decals, six doorknob designs, and three hardware types.


To learn even more about your favorite Pixar movies, check out the Science Behind Pixar Exhibition at the California Science Center from Oct. 15, 2016, through April 9, 2017.


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