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    21 Awesome Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

    Can you smell my breath and rate its horribleness on a scale of 1-10?

    1. Grocery shopping becomes twice as easy and half as expensive.

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    How many boxes of mac 'n cheese can I eat alone in one week? Seven...ish?

    2. You no longer have to plan ahead who's going to stay over at the other's place every night.

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    "Baaaabe? :)" you text your boyfriend, who immediately knows what's coming.

    3. And worry whether or not you remembered to leave clean clothes there last time.


    "I must have at least remembered to leave clean underwear," you say to yourself, in deep denial.

    4. Then, when you inevitably didn't, have to go to the local convenience store to buy a pack of clean underwear.

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    And the cashier remembers you. Every time.

    5. You become far less likely to have to call your super when you forget your keys.


    "Baaaabe? :)" you text your boyfriend, who immediately knows what's coming.

    6. Your utilities bill is suddenly HALF OF WHAT IT USED TO BE.

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    7. Your parents become marginally less worried about your well-being/if you will die alone.

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    They only call you once a day now.

    8. Someone's there to tell you if you have toothpaste on your face before you leave in the morning.

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    And now you understand the real reason people used to stare at you on the train.

    9. You're now twice as likely to successfully catch and kill any bugs in your living space.

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    Very slowly, move to your left. Hand me the frying pan. We will outflank the enemy.

    10. Your sock supply doubles.

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    Time to do laundry NEVER AGAIN.

    11. And there will come a day when you'll look down and realize you're only wearing one sock that's actually yours.

    12. Any and all bathroom fears you've had in the past disappear surprisingly quickly.

    Necessity is the mother of letting it rip.

    13. Your boyfriend's baggy clothes are now readily available to you at all lounging times.


    Like wearing a cotton circus tent.

    14. You stop feeling pressured to keep up a religious shaving routine, because come on, the jig is up.


    You've led a sheltered, sexy life, my love. UNTIL RIGHT NOW.

    15. And when you do shave, you have this new, awesome men's razor you can secretly use.


    So schlick-lookin'.

    16. Uncomfortable, sexy underwear become relics of the past.

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    Hellooooo, granny panties, everyday forever!

    17. Having someone around who accepts you sans pants, and still wants to make out with you, is a huge ego boost.

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    Body issues = lessened

    18. It becomes comforting to have someone you can talk to about the gross details of your life, because they're already intimately acquainted with your hygiene habits.


    Can you smell my breath and rate its horribleness on a scale of 1-10?

    19. You friends will talk about what a big step moving in together is, but it doesn't feel like it to the two of you.

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    "Wooooow!" they say, barely masking their panic.

    20. And some of your friends just won't understand, which will only help you realize how lucky you are.


    "But what if it doesn't work out?" they ask, their pupils widening in fear.

    21. Because getting to hang out with your best friend all the time just makes sense.