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Aubrey Plaza Tried To Play With Robert De Niro's Nipples But Did Not Succeed

Nipple play is just not Bob's thing.

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Aubrey Plaza stopped by Kimmel to chat about her new movie, Dirty Grandpa, and playing with Robert De Niro's nipples.

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In the movie, Plaza plays a 21-year-old who sleeps with De Niro's character on spring break.


It took a full day of shooting to film their sex scenes – around 9-10 hours – and it involved, ya know, some weird stuff.


The scene wasn't super planned, so the director, Dan Mazer, gave Aubrey some suggestions. It involved, ya know, some nipple play.


So Aubrey tried to suck on Robert De Niro's nipples, which he apparently was not a fan of.


So now you know: If you ever find yourself in Robert De Niro's presence, don't play with his nipples.


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