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Amy Schumer And Amy Poehler Were Perfect Together At The Emmys

"We are Amy."

The Emmys kicked things off right by giving us what we never knew we needed: Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer, together in hilarious harmony.

They started off with a little bit about getting all touched up and camera-ready...

Then gave each other a supportive, approving nod and glided onto the stage.

WHAT A PERFECT SIGHT THEY WERE. Both of our beloved Amii, in the same place, together, united.

They were Amy.

They cracked some great jokes.

And were just a delight.

And then it was over, they presented Alison Janney with her award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series — and they were gone.

And we were left with only the sweet memory of those 17ish seconds.

But we are all Amy. Now and forever.