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    Adele Kept Spontaneously Bursting Into Tears After The Grammys


    Adele stopped by Ellen to be charming and perfect, but also to chat about her performance at the Grammys.

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    Things at the Grammys started off great...

    ...but just in case you hadn't heard, there was a bit of a sound glitch.

    It threw off Adele's performance pitch-wise, and people were not happy.

    Adele took to Twitter to clarify what had happened technically...

    ...and then did as we all do, and comforted herself with a nice burger.

    On Ellen, Adele assured everyone that those rogue acoustic strings were definitely not Justin Bieber rehearsing.

    And that she knew immediately what was going on with the sound.

    She also, in classic Adele fashion, handled it all with some self-deprecating humor.

    Which she would have done during the Grammys broadcast, but stopped herself.

    But despite her ability to brush things off with humor, Adele was still very upset the day after the Grammys.


    OK, so she would have cried even if it had gone well, but still.

    She took away a valuable lesson from the experience: