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19 Actors Who Could Definitely Play Young Han Solo

We love you forever, Harrison Ford. But the time has come.

OK, so we're officially getting an as yet untitled Star Wars movie about young Han Solo.


Which means we're going to get a new, young Han Solo 2.0.


First, let's take a moment of silence to appreciate the perfection that is Harrison Ford, the always and forever Han Solo.


OK, great. Now that’s done, so let’s get to daydreaming about who our new Han Solo could be.


1. Josh Hutcherson

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

He's already got one hugely successful action franchise under his belt, but Peeta's usually playing second fiddle to Katniss. It might be time for him to take on a leading hero role — and that scruff is pretty on point.

2. Dylan O'Brien

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

As Stiles on Teen Wolf, he's shown us he can be bitingly charming, and with a role in The Maze Runner under his belt, he should be ready to easily tackle a big-screen action role.

3. Hunter Parrish

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

He's had starring roles in television and on Broadway — often as a charming bad boy — so what better way to really kick off his film career?

4. Anthony Ingruber

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

His biggest role so far has been in Age of Adaline, and he certainly looks the part. It might be perfect to have a lesser-known actor take over the role to make it their own.

5. Garrett Hedlund

Frazer Harrison

Depending on what direction they take, the 30-year-old might be a bit too old for the role, but come on. He pretty much IS Han Solo.

6. Timothée Chalamet

Jemal Countess

The young Interstellar actor is only 19 and already has quite the résumé, but this could be the role to really catapult him into the mainstream spotlight.

7. Brenton Thwaites

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Few things in this life would be better than young Han Solo rocking a ponytail.

8. Dave Franco

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

So far, Dave's built up a primarily comedic body of work, which makes him the perfect person to handle Han’s necessary dry wit.

9. Ryan Corr

Don Arnold / Getty Images

With a budding film career and top-notch facial hair game, this could be the role to really showcase Corr as a leading man.

10. Scott Eastwood

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Yes, Clint Eastwood's son, the babeliest of babes, might look a little too old — but just look at him. Seriously.

11. William Moseley

Mike Windle / Getty Images

The 28-year-old English actor has played two princes — first in The Chronicles of Narnia and currently in The Royals — so he's got that whole charming and brave thing down.

12. Zac Efron

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

I mean...

13. Darren Criss

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

The Glee actor recently played the title role in Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so he isn't afraid to take on the challenge of diving into a character. And just look at that hair.

14. Sam Claflin

Ben Stansall / Getty Images

Similar to Hutcherson, Claflin's Hunger Games character is often overshadowed by Katniss. But he lent a charm and effortless charisma to Finnick that won over even the most die-hard fans of the series.

15. Miles Teller

Michael Buckner

Known for taking on both likable and more complex characters — both traits an absolute must for Han — Teller also has the perfect smirk for the role.

16. Ansel Elgort

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Both his major roles in The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent showcase his sweet, idealistic side, but it would be great to see Ansel take on a more mischievous, adult role.

17. Douglas Booth

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

Best known for his roles in Noah and Jupiter Ascending, he's disarmingly charming. And he so looks the part.

18. Taron Egerton

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Remeber Kingsman? OK, so yes.

19. Chris Pratt

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

All right, look, can we just cast him in everything?

  1. So, who should play young Han?

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So, who should play young Han?
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    Josh Hutcherson
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    Dylan O’Brien
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    Hunter Parrish
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    Anthony Ingruber
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    Garrett Hedlund
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    Timothée Chalamet
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    Brenton Thwaites
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    Dave Franco
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    Ryan Corr
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    Scott Eastwood
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    William Moseley
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    Zac Efron
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    Darren Criss
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    Sam Claflin
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    Miles Teller
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    Ansel Elgort
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    Douglas Booth
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    Taron Egerton
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    Chris Pratt
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    My dream Han wasn't listed. I'm leaving him in the comments.