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31 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of "Grease: Live" You Might Have Missed

♫ They'll always be together... ♫

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1. Danny getting lovingly shoved into a Rydell locker.

2. Eugene and Patty Simcox, everyone's FAVORITE COUPLE EVER, duckfacing.

3. Principal McGee, chillin' in her pre-show rollers, dreaming of a new xylophone.

4. Patty feeling the wrath of post-show hairspray.

5. The new Frenchy and the original Frenchy (Didi Conn), heartsploding us all.

6. And look! Didi even gave her a locket and her original Frenchy shirt!

7. Danny and Sandy IRL, going together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

8. Or like shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom, depending on your preference.

9. Marty and Rizzo, taking a moment to chat at the dance.

10. Danny's first change jacket, all neat and ready to go.

11. The T-Birds, looking for trouble.

12. Sweet, gorgeous Sandy, wondering where her milkshake went.

13. Sandy and Vi, taking a quick selfie.

14. Rizzo and Sandy, totally over the whole Danny thing.

15. Seriously, can we get a movie that's all about Sandy and Rizzo becoming BFFs?

16. Or just the Pink Ladies, and how they stay BFFs forever. Just look at them.

17. Hanging out on a couch, being BFFs.

18. Taking makeup-free selfies, nbd.

no makeup

no makeup

19. Cha-Cha could also get in on the BFF action, she'd probably mellow out over time.

20. Look at Jan and Marty catching some adorable downtime.

21. They are the new #SquadGoals.

22. Let's abolish #SquadGoals and just say #PinkLadies instead, k?

23. K.

24. Frenchy testing our her new iconic threads...

25. ...and doing a quick pose during dress rehearsal.

26. This beautiful, blonde pineapple.

27. All these beautiful, blonde pineapples.

28. And Vince Fontaine! He's moved on to Rizzo since Marty snubbed him, apparently.

29. Or maybe he moved on to Danny. Vince Fontaine is pretty enigmatic, tbh.

30. Jessie J, hanging out after her amazing intro.

31. And the whole cast, getting ready to gift us with the glory that was Grease: Live.

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