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How Much Has Changed Since Dr. Dre Dropped His Last Album?

It's been nearly 16 years between drinks and Dre has finally decided to drop his final album, Compton. A lot has happened in the world since Dre's last offering.

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Australia has had 4 different PMs


John Howard rocked the block until 2007, K-Rudd took over shop until he was booted by Gillard (2010), then we had our first female PM until she was shown the door by K-Rudd (2013), and then it was Tony Time (2013-present). Maybe we can get a guest from DJ Howard?

Protest moves inspire new waves of change


Black Lives Matter, the Occupy movement, Arab Spring and Anonymous are movements that have inspired changed since the 2001. It can almost be guaranteed that Dre will drop a decent protest beat or two.

The world has 4 new countries


Since 2001 the world has welcomed 4 new countries to the international stage. South Sudan (2011), Kosovo (2008), Montenegro & Serbia (2006) and East Timor (2002) all became sovereign states before Dre could get his act together.

Gay marriage is now legal across the United States & the UK

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The US has passed legislation to legalise gay marriage across the US (2015). Gay marriage was legalised in all of the UK (2014) minus Northern Ireland.

The Dissapearence of Madeline McCann


In 2003 the McCann family went on holiday to Portugal only to have their daughter Madeline disappear. A multinational search has failed to find any evidence of her even with the massive amount of tabloid coverage.

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