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8 Dream Collaborations At Splendour In The Grass 2015

Splendour is notorious for surprise collaborations. Here are some of the potential dream collaborations that would make any punter froth at the mouth!

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#1 Dads + Washington + Jarryd James = Supreme blissful chill sesh

With danceable yet chilltastic beats produced by Tom Lansek and Megan Washington’s unmistakably honest vocals playing along with the beats, the man of the moment, Jarryd James could drop some soul with his croning falsetto.

The Church + Johnny Marr = Your dad’s wet dream

One of Australian’s most influential post-punk/ Alt rock bands playing with one of the pioneers of the Alt rock/ post-punk movement. This would be a jamsesh that would last the ages. Imagine an Aussie cover of How Soon Is Now with one of the original Smiths. That set would be worth the ticket price!

Palma Violets + Dune Rats + The Smith Street Band + The Vaccines = Best Battle of the Bands Ever

Forget the Ashers! We need to settle which country produces the best batch of head banging mosh rock. How about a team event with Aussies Dune Rats and the boys from Smith Street rocking out against the gentlemen from the UK, Palma Violets and The Vaccines. The team that gets the mosh most rallied wins!

Pond + Tame Impala + Best Coast = #Dopefest2015

Getting three of the most summery and skuzzy bands on the planet to jam out together would be something that all stoners and music fans would unite for. Imagine the amount of contact high if these guys all played under the big top.

Allday + Earl Sweatshirt + SAFIA = Sunday Chillsesh

After two solid days of dancing your legs off and slinging mud at your mates a Sunday Sesh featuring the chillest dudes on the bill is just what the doctor ordered. With Allday and Mr. Sweatshirt offering up smooth rhythms and rhymes and Canberra lads SAFIA laying down the sweet backing beats the chillsesh would be contagious.

C.W. Stoneking + Kitty, Daisy & Lewis + Mark Ronson = Swinging in the 60s

This one is a little far fetched but think back to Mark Ronson’s soulful 2007 album Version. On the album you’ve got soul, you’ve got swing, there’s a helping of sickbeats and there are classic hits. Both C.W. and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis play soulful, swinging, classics. Throw super producer Ronson into the game and you’ll have the whole tent swinging like the 60s.

Peking Duk + Royal Blood = It is a Banger?

The biggest Banger producers in electro-dance jamming with the biggest Banger rock band on the line up would produce something of the best moshing on the festival.

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