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8 Other Things Bronwyn Bishop Could Buy With $5000

Current Speaker of the House, Mrs. Bronwyn Bishop, spent $5000 of tax payer's money on a helicopter flight between Melbourne and Geelong (a trip that would take about an hour driving). Clearly that money could be spent on more practical things, right!?

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2. 13 tickets to Splendour in the Grass


Bronnie could have shouted T-Abbs and a few more mates to a long weekend away. Can you imagine Bronnie and the Liberal front bench getting down and dirty to Uptown Funk?

4. 3,300 Odd litres of E10 Petrol

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Petrol prices are ridiculous at the moment! It would be a great service to us all if Bronnie Bishop shouted us all a few drops of petrol each. That's about 0.0001459 litres per Aussie.

6. Buy all the Tim Tams

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We should have a Parliamentary Investigation, a Royal Commission and even a Referendum into which Tim Tam flavour is the best (we all know that it is double coat). With Bronnie's 5k we ought to buy enough Tim Tams for the task.

7. 1,666 odd subscriptions to a Murdoch Paper

The Guardian / Via

Let's face it, print media is up a creek in a barbed wire canoe. Murdoch and News Corp gave the Libs a big hand during the last election, so it would only be appropriate that Bronnie gave her mate Rupert a helping hand.

8. A Quokka Farm on the East Coast

Ausleisure / Via

Seriously, with the money spent on the helicopter flight, Bronnie could fly a dozen Quokkas to the east coast, where she could start a Quokka farm. The money raised from ticket sales would be enough to fill the whole in the budget!

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