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58 Thoughts All Students Have On Their First Internship

Every graduate job wants 50 million years of experience so to gain that we all search out that much sought after internship. Though when interning things don't always turn out as promised.

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The Graduate Problem

1. Ok! 15 minutes early. Should I wait outside the office or head on in?

2. Will I be seen as too keen if I wait inside?

3. Maybe they'll think I'm a stalker if I keep pacing outside the office?

4. Oh gosh I'm getting sweaty.

5. I should have brought that other shirt.

6. Alright time to go in. This is getting exciting!

7. Ooooh this place is nice! I can totally see myself working here!

8. Who am I kidding? This place is far too good for me.

9. Oooh! I get a name tag!

10. Everybody looks so professional here.

11. Am I supposed to remember everyone's names here?

12. I get a desk too? This is getting really exciting!

13. Yes, of course I'll do all your photocopying.

14. This photocopier looks fancy!

15. Oh gosh. How do I work one of these again?

16. Why are photocopiers so bloody hard to use?

17. We weren't taught how to use photocopiers at uni!

18. Alright. Done. This wasn't too hard.

19. Yes, of course I'll go for a coffee run for the whole office.

20. Do I have to pay for all these?

21. You really drink a caramel soy decaf latte with three sugars in it and a serve of whipped cream on top?

22. Oh gosh, where is this bloody coffee shop?

23. Here come the sweats again!

24. I should have written all the coffee orders down.

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25. Oh this caramel soy decaf latte with whipped cream actually looks SOOO GOOOOOD!

26. Can I get another caramel soy decaf latte with extra whipped cream, please?

27. Alright who ordered what?

28. Am I allowed to check my phone while I'm here?

29. Am I allowed to get the wifi code for this place?

30. That guy is giving me odd looks. Is he judging me for being on my phone?

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31. Maybe I ought to be more proactive. Let's google some stuff?

32. Oh the supervisor is coming. Quick look busy.

33. Yes, of course I'll happily shred all the photocopies that you made me get for you earlier.

34. What lunch time already?

35. Am I supposed to sit in the lunch room?


37. You can communicate! Talk to someone and don't be a stranger!

38. How does everyone know I'm the intern? Oh yeah its the stupid name badge I've got.

39. So you're telling me you got this job without a uni degree?

40. What am I doing at uni then?

41. How long do I get for lunch again?

42. Everyone is heading back to work. I'll take that as a sign.

43. Back to work I go.

44. Quick! Look busy! The supervisor is coming back.

45. What? You're actually giving me something to do that isn't photocopying or shredding?

46. Oh yeah! I know how to do this!

47. Finally I'm using my degree!

48. Looking like someone is finally getting some office street cred!

49. Oh you want me to go for another coffee run? Alright...

50. Two caramel soy decaf lattes with extra whipped cream please.

51. What's this? The supervisor is looking over my work?

52. Here come the sweats again, again!

53. The supervisor actually likes my work?

54. Maybe I am good enough for this place?

55. Everyone is leaving. HOME TIME!

56. Oh wait. The supervisor is coming...

57. Yes, of course I will stay back over time so that I can finish your report for you.

58. At least I'm getting some decent experience... Right?

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