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    Feb 18, 2020

    Don't Miss Your Chance To Win A $500 Sephora Gift Card

    We're giving away one gift card as a prize to one lucky winner!

    Hey there cutie. You look amazing today, as always!

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    You know as well as we do, some new makeup to play with never hurt anybody.

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    With that in mind, we want to give one lucky reader a $500 gift card to Sephora!

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    All you have to do is enter right here!

    If you win, you can snag anything you want from Sephora, from a Dyson hairdryer to the new Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk collection.

    But act fast! There are only 10 days left to enter—the giveaway ends on February 27th! Go ahead!

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    Good luck!

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