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The Ten Commandments Of Beysus

Bow down. It's the Queen's birthday. Bow down, even when it's not.

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1. Everyday is BeyDay

Never go through a day without getting your daily dose of empowerment by listening to the Queen's heavenly voice from above. Be it when you are in the kitchen cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast, on your way to work, or working your ass off at the gym.

2. Bey Fabulous

Feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin.

Because Beysus Is Fabulous

And we should all model after Her Greatness.

3. Bey Good

Thou shalt pay attention in class and at work meetings.

4. Bey #FIERCE

Because confidence is what truly makes one beautiful.

#iwokeuplikedis #wewokeuplikedis

5. Beylieve And You Shall See

Keep your faith. Hold on to hope with things get tough. Don't stop beylieving. All answers will be revealed to you at the right time and place.



6. Bey Werking It

And Werking It

And Werking It

And Werking It

And Werk Werk Werk

And Werking It

No explanation needed.

7. Bey Drunk In Love

Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your lover. Love everything.

Because love is the most powerful of all.

And Bey is Love is Bey.


8. Bey Happy

"What is your aspiration in life?"

"To be happy."

9. Bey Real

Matt Bellassai / Via

Because we are all humans. Beysus created us same and equal, but we all have our own weaknesses, we all have our own strengths. That's what make each of us unique and special. She made each of us unique and special.


10. Bey You

Beysus loves you and you know it.

She loves you just the way you are.


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