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27 Worst Dressed Stars At The 2014 Met Gala And The 33 Dresses They Should Have Worn To The Red Carpet

This is the ultimate FASHION CRACKDOWN.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art annual gala fundraiser is the Oscars of fashion. The theme for this year's summer exhibition by the Costume Institute is “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.”

Every year, the Met Gala presents celebrities the chance to take fashion risks and to impress the world with their every bit of glitz and glamour. Yet, while some stars sparkled their way through the red carpet, some just fell flat.

For this year's red carpet, I have compiled a list of 27 (reportedly) worst dressed celebrities. And to up the game, I am suggesting a couple of options that the celebrities could and should have worn to the Met Gala.

From the same Giambattista Valli Collection, this might do a better job. / Via

This longer dress definitely makes the overall look more formal and classy. I like the shape of this dress - the puffed up hip area - and that there is a black belt around the waist. I think the problem with the previous dress is that there is a large pattern around the waist area, making the trunk of the body appear thicker than usual, and thus, less flattering. It's all about the optical illusion. I think the blue of this dress will make Lena really pretty.

3. Emma Stone in Thakoon / Via

I absolutely adore this whole ensemble. It's young, fresh, very cute, but it's also a little too casual for such a grand event like the Met Gala. The braid adds on further sweetness to Emma's overall aura, but I thought she would look better...

... in this, from Rami Kadi's Le Royaume Enchanté” Collection. / Via

In this piece, Emma Stone would too be showing off her beautiful shoulders and slim waist. And the gown ends off so stunningly at the bottom with those beautiful flowing blooms!

6. Lea Michele in Altuzarra / Via

"Lea Michele, just because you have a tony-award winning voice, doesn't mean you need to dress like one." - Huffington Post

Well, the dress is gorgeous, but Lea Michele (I absolutely love you!) just isn't bombshell enough to pull this off I think. Perhaps a diva like Mariah Carey (speaking of whom, why was she not at the Met Gala??) with a much more voluptuous body can bring this golden piece to its full glory.

A better choice would be this from Abed Mahfouz F/W 2013/14: / Via

Maggie would look naturally gorgeous in this shimmering brown dress. I would definitely throw in a very bejeweled, glittery clutch for her and some yellow diamonds on her hands.

Or this, which has a similar one-shoulder design. / Via

Also from Elie Saab S/S 2014.

This may be slightly plain, since it's all black. But it's classy and the fabric is flowing. With the right metallic accessories, this look can be really classic. It's a rather safe choice, though.

20. Lily Allen is not winning in this. / Via

She looks like she's rolled up in a strawberry-flavor layered cake that'd turned moldy. Not cute.

I think the concept of the dress is beautiful, but Lily allen isn't the right fit to give the dress its best shape.

Lily Allen would go better with this different yet similar piece. / Via

From Mireille Dagher Couture S/S/ 2014. This dress has a similar greyish color theme, and also plays with details but in a freer and more mystical fashion. It has the same design for the neckline and the sleeves but much more hugging. This is definitely a much sexier choice for Lily Allen with her black hair up.

21. Kristen Stewart does NOT look like she likes what she's wearing. / Via

A darn stunning piece by Chanel that could have been a show-stopper, but Kristen Stewart just isn't channeling much charm or confidence in it. She doesn't seem like she's feeling the outfit.

This is from Elie Saab F/W 2014/15 Collection. / Via

This dress might be a better choice for Kristen. Its simplicity draws people's attention to the person who's wearing it. In the feathery, complex Chanel piece, Kristen only looks overwhelmed. I think she will look more at ease in this Elie Saab piece.

23. Hayden Panettiere is in Dennis Basso. / Via

The print of this gown is very sweet and the colors are lovely (thought kind of resembles Oscar de la Renta's style, don't you think so too?) but Hayden is looking slightly chunky and not-so-young in it.

Chrissy could go with this more bionic look which has great details and segmentation. / Via

From Rani Zakhem F/W 2014/15.

This outfit pays much more attention to the texture and cutting. It also has a 'darker' feel to it as compared to Chrissy's original fluffy-neck dress.

26. Janelle Monae in Tadashi Shoji / Via

The blood-red cloak by Tadashi Shoji is brilliant, but the white-black-red combination complicates things a little. This look is definitely one of its kind and stands out on the red carpet. Having said that, the white in the outfit IMO distracts us from the focus piece, which is the cloak.

Anyway, this is from Nicolas Jebran F/W 2013/14. / Via

This is the most similar piece I can find to that Tadashi shoji cloak.

I'm not saying which is a better piece. I just think that this model pulls off this massive piece of beautifully embroidered fabric pretty well.

All in all, all the dresses by the different designers are amazing, just that some celebrities wore their evening look better than others. It has a lot to do with styling and the fit of the dress on that person.

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