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    0 Reasons Wraps Are Better Than Sandwiches

    Wraps < sandwiches. Wraps < everything. That is all.

    A wrap is a very literally named food: It is a tortilla wrapped around some other food.

    Flickr/Vegan Feast Catering

    It should not be confused with its predecessor, the burrito. Burritos are amazing.


    A wrap is a sad burrito made with a shitty tortilla and stuffed with a gross salad.


    The tortillas used for wraps always taste terrible. Sometimes they are grainy and brown.

    Sometimes they are green. Wraps are always trying to be healthy.

    Flickr/Heather Joan

    This tortilla is made with lettuce or something, which is why it's green. Gross.

    Sometimes you can't even tell the difference between the tortilla and the paper it is wrapped in.

    Flickr/hannah karina

    It's a wrap that's wrapped! Too much wrap.

    Also, no one is good at making wraps.

    Maybe it's because there is no way to tell if the filling will fit inside once it's all rolled up.


    This looks like it will be delicious. Looks are deceiving.

    Plenty of restaurants sell wraps even though they haven't figured out how to make them taste good.

    Even fast food chains, who make everything the same, aren't good at making them.

    Very messy.

    Falling apart.

    The structural integrity of this wrap is compromised, because it is a wrap. This man did not order a DAMN SALAD.

    And if you've reached the end of a wrap, you're left with all this excess tortilla.

    Flickr/Rubí Flórez

    Which is probably all wet and gross from holding the wrap juices. Or dry and disgusting if it was a dry wrap. They're always either one.

    That's IF the wrap is even wrapped properly. This one ISN'T EVEN TUCKED IN ON EITHER SIDE.


    This should be called a roll, not a wrap.

    Wraps became popular because people think they're healthier than sandwiches.


    OH NO.


    For good reason, absolutely no one freaks out about a wrap the way they do about a sandwich.

    Real fear.

    If it's a sandwich you can.

    In conclusion:

    Flickr/Ben Mueller