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The Most Winter Wonderful College Campuses

These pictures almost make you want to go to school.

Middlebury College

Flickr: adamfranco

Middlebury, VT.

University of Virginia

Flickr: shallowend24401

Charlottesville, VA.

Williams College

Flickr: drurydrama

Williamstown, MA.

Sterling College

Flickr: sterlingcollege

Craftsbury Common, VT.

Cornell University

Albion College

Flickr: albioncollege

Albion, MI.

College of William & Mary

Flickr: william-and-mary

Williamsburg, VA.

Ursinus College

Flickr: 7726011@N07

Collegeville, PA.

Harvard University

Penn State

Flickr: pennstatelive

University Park, PA.

Bard College

Flickr: jbyoder

Red Hook, NY.

Huntington University

Flickr: laffy4k

Huntington, IN.

University of Oregon

Flickr: wolframburner

Eugene, OR.

Trinity Washington University

Flickr: jasonpier

Washington, D.C.

Vassar College

Flickr: thethingsitdoes

Poughkeepsie, NY.

Connecticut College

Flickr: amndw2

New London, CT.

Yale University

Flickr: kyle_briscoe

New Haven, CT.

University of Alaska Anchorage

Flickr: wonderlane

Anchorage, AK.

Boston College

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Chicago

Flickr: justinwkern

Chicago, IL.

Washington and Lee University

Flickr: kennethhawes

Lexington, VA.

Columbia University

Flickr: aaronf

New York, NY.

University of Illinois at Springfield

Flickr: jeremywilburn

Springfield, IL.

Nazareth College

Flickr: nazareth_college

Rochester, NY.

Northwestern University

Flickr: mariuszczyz

Evanston, IL.

Michigan State University

Flickr: praise711

East Lansing, MI.

University of Michigan

Flickr: mbietz

Ann Arbor, MI.

Virginia Tech

Flickr: gafoto

Blackburg, VA.

Union College

Flickr: 30637699@N02

Schenectady, NY.

Southern Methodist University

Flickr: ianaberle

University Park, TX.

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Flickr: uwgbadmissions

Green Bay, WI.

Fordham University

Flickr: woicik

New York, NY.

Oberlin College

Flickr: jg33

Oberlin, OH.

Saint Anselm College

Manchester, NH.

University of Utah

Flickr: edgarzuniga

Salt Lake City, UT.

Duke University

Flickr: dukeyearlook

Durham, NC.

University of Colorado Boulder

Flickr: michaelbuck

Boulder, CO.

Dartmouth College

What campuses did we leave out? Add yours in the comments!