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    Ricky Van Veen Either Really Wanted A Part On "Girls" Or Really Loves His Girlfriend

    The College Humor co-founder is dating Allison Williams from HBO's Girls. According to his blog, he really really really likes her – or the show. (It's hard to tell sometimes.)

    This is Ricky Van Veen.

    He is currently dating actress Allison Williams, of HBO's "Girls"

    Van Veen likes to mention Allison on his personal website a lot.

    Like beautiful photos of her.

    Or cute texts they send together.

    Or other TV shows she's on.

    It's all very cute.

    (Even when he's joke insulting her.)

    But time for the conspiracy theory: It's POSSIBLE that Van Veen just really wanted a part on "Girls."

    Here's an example of Ricky talking about the show obsessively on his Tumblr blog.

    Also here:

    And a shoutout to Lena Dunham.

    Sometimes it's just a little hard to tell whether he likes Allison...

    Or the show.

    Or Allison and the show:

    He certainly likes Allison and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:

    And even Allison's dad:

    Lucky for Van Veen, his dreams came true during this week's episode:

    Maybe dating Allison was all just a clever ruse to get onto the show!

    Nah, probably not.

    He even gets excited about her on Letterman: