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Celebrities Who Think The Gays Love Them And Whether They Do

"The gays love me!" is a common refrain for some entertainers. How true is it though?

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1. Kathy Griffin

What she thinks: "The gays love me for the same reason I love them: Nothing offends them!" says Griffin.

What the gays think: She does have a show on Bravo and likes to hang out with Anderson Cooper.

2. Marina Lambrini Diamandis

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What she thinks: "On the first album I definitely did have a gay fan base, but it was much smaller, because I'm a very flamboyant character and the shows are really theatrical," Diamandis said. "But I don't really talk about the whole gay community thing, because I don't want to be a cliche pop star saying like, 'I love my gays!' But the truth is it's a really supportive fan base and they're making this tour so special."

What the gays think: They're a fan.


3. Louis Smith

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What he thinks: Telling The Telegraph that he knows he's become a “gay icon”, Smith also said that, “As long as gay people can see the line, and that I fancy women, that’s fine. I don’t want to be put in a difficult, uncomfortable situation.”

What the gays think: Well, after saying that, he's not one to a lot of them anymore.

4. Cyndi Lauper

Nick Laham / Getty Images

What she thinks: "Why is it do you think the gays love you so much?" asked Alan Cummings of Lauper in Interview magazine. Lauper responded with, "'The gays'? You always say that! Like they're some kind of alien people," before responding that it's because "that community I'm part of. I've always been part of it. When I was 15, all my friends came out. I was really trying to be like them, and I finally had to tell my best friends that I was straight. It's ridiculous thinking back on it as an adult, because it's opposite from what happened to all my gay friends."

What the gays think: Sure.

5. Kim Cattrall

What she thinks: "As many of you know, I played a gay man on a very popular television show," Cattrall said while being honored at the GLAAD Media Awards, "and more importantly, gays and lesbians have been my friends and supporters since the beginning of my career, and it has been an honor to stand up and give them my full support both on screen and freaking off."

What the gays think: They were giving her an award, so, yes, they love her.

6. Kylie Minogue

What she thinks: "My gay audience just decided [on me]. It was like, 'You're ours. We're adopting you.'...I'm asked all the time, 'Why do you have such a gay following?' 'Why are you a gay icon?' I almost don't want to know the answer, because it was so organic the way it happened," said Minogue in an interview.

What the gays think: That gay interviewer certainly loves her.

7. Matthew Morrison

What he thinks: "I get a lot of gay guys. I think Glee is one of the gayest shows on TV," said Morrison of his fanbase from the TV show. "I grew up singing and dancing, so people have been calling me gay since fifth grade," he told Elle. "I've heard everything you could possibly hear about it. But I do love gay people, so I'm not going to act like I was insulted or angry about it."

What the gays think: Maybe they once loved him, but Glee 's waning popularity has dropped him off the radar of many.


10. Lady Gaga

What she thinks: "The turning point for me was the gay community," Lady Gaga has said. "I've got so many gay fans and they're so loyal to me and they really lifted me up. They'll always stand by me and I'll always stand by them. It's not an easy thing to create a fanbase."

What the gays think: Not all of them are such fans.

11. Joan Rivers

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

What she thinks: "I think gay men are brighter and smarter and more open, and they always—even in the beginning—got my comedy," Rivers has said. "I remember the first one to say, 'she’s funny.'" When an interviewer responded with "You’ve been fairly vocal about the fact that you’ve had a gay following since the very beginning," Rivers said, "Oh, absolutely. The first ones in Greenwich Village to laugh at me were the gays."

What the gays think: She thinks that gay performers should stay in the closet, which has left some annoyed.

12. Robyn

What she thinks: "I think the gay community just gets me, and I'm very lucky to have that audience—it's a very loyal and dedicated audience," says Robyn. "I feel almost ignorant talking about the gay community as one thing, or looking at why gay people like me—I don’t think all gay people like me!"

What the gays think: Dancing On My Own has been lauded as a gay anthem.

13. Tori Spelling

: Peter Kramer / Getty Images

What she thinks: "I'm a huge fan of gays. They love me; I love them. They consider me kind of a gay icon, which they've labeled me as," Spelling has said.

What the gays think: Eh, not all of them.

14. Katy Perry

What she thinks: "Maybe [I’m a gay icon] because of my big personality and my use of color and frankness and, you know, kitschiness..." says Perry.

What the gays think: Writing a song called "Ur So Gay" about a straight ex-flame hasn't exactly endeared her to the queer community.

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