9 Netflix Users Who Found These Classic Date Movies Not The Slightest Bit Sexy

Be warned: you might think that all the movies marked “Romance” in Netflix live up to their genre. According to these individuals, you thought wrong.

1. Meet Joe Black

“I’m not saying you should commit suicide to avoid sitting through this syrupy mess, I’m just saying you should consider it.”

2. An Officer and a Gentleman

“I felt nothing when I watched this movie.”

3. Cruel Intentions

“maybe it picks up halfway through. maybe I need to watch it a second time.”

4. Sleepless in Seattle

“But the characters are incredibly boring.Especially the girl. She’s pretty but she’s very, very boring.”

5. Shakespeare in Love

Well, whoever wrote this certainly has the time period down.

6. Notting Hill

“The hot crippled female friend and her husband make me happy they are together and it’s very well played.”

7. What Women Want

A new one for the rating system: CG-13.

8. Reality Bites

“Plenty of ppl loved this movie, I don’t.”

9. An American President

“Did I get ROMANCE?!? A little. But MOSTLY Liberal Politics.”

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