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29 Things You Must Know About Medieval Times

Spending an evening at Medieval Times is well worth it, but you should know what you're getting yourself into.

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1. There are eight Medieval Times locations in the United States.

The east coast does fine, but what about the middle of the country?! They're totally denied their Medieval Times experience.

3. That's because the family that started it was Spanish.

Medieval Times was started in the 1970s "as a dinner-theater attraction on the island of Majorca. Javier Romero, a proud son of Córdoba, was there, performing feats of horsemanship for tourists. It has grown to become a theme restaurant empire, with nine castles in North America; horse ranches in Texas, Florida and Maryland; and attendance figures in the tens of millions," explains the New York Times.

4. When you get inside the castle, they give you a fantastic crown.

The color of the crown you get corresponds to the knight you'll be cheering for, and thus, your allegiance is chosen early on.

13. The cross-section of people at any given show is amazing.

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Families, college kids, twenty-somethings celebrating their birthdays – it's all walks of life. You really realize how many people are there when they call out everyone who has a birthday, which takes forever.

14. The food is actually great.

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The castle bread is AMAZING (it's just garlic bread). The tomato bisque is a little salty. The "Dragon's wing" is surprisingly tender. "Pastry of the Castle" is code for an apple turnover.

15. Only downside? Alcohol is not included in the ticket price.

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But once you're sitting down, your "serving wench" will come around and bring it to you so you don't miss a minute of the action.

20. Anyone can work there. That means you!

A former knight says that you just have to apply: "It's like getting a job at McDonalds...You start out as a squire and work your way up. They taught me everything I know about horses. As I said in my hiring interview, I was on a horse once when I was five. I wore a helmet and I think it bit me."

22. The job is apparently not depressing the way it's depicted in the movies and on television.

It is true, however, that the "winners" of the fights are rigged. (It's a performance!) A lot of the knights and squires have theatrical backgrounds, so they know how to make it look real.

24. When things get kind of serious, they *very slowly* lower a screen around the arena so that you don't get hit or jump in on the action or something.

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