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    29 Things You Must Know About Medieval Times

    Spending an evening at Medieval Times is well worth it, but you should know what you're getting yourself into.

    1. There are eight Medieval Times locations in the United States.

    2. The castles are supposed to be replicas of those seen in 11th-century in Spain.

    3. That's because the family that started it was Spanish.

    4. When you get inside the castle, they give you a fantastic crown.

    5. The Great Hall is where you wait around for a bit before it all starts.

    6. During this time, you can pay extra money to go to the Torture Chamber if you want.

    7. Or see a horse close-up.

    8. What you should really do is start drinking at the bar while you're waiting.

    9. The only problem is that if you're drunk, you're definitely much more likely to buy a sword and shield.

    10. Or other questionably-medieval princess swag.

    11. When the show is about to begin, they play coronets or some type of trumpet-like horn.

    12. And you're ushered into the actual performance venue, which is HUGE.

    13. The cross-section of people at any given show is amazing.

    14. The food is actually great.

    15. Only downside? Alcohol is not included in the ticket price.

    16. You get to keep the cup.

    17. The performance itself is actually a full-on story worthy of like, Cinderella.

    18. There is a FALCON.

    19. All the knights have long hair.

    It's so majestic.

    20. Anyone can work there. That means you!

    21. It is *really* hard work though.

    22. The job is apparently not depressing the way it's depicted in the movies and on television.

    23. Being a serving wench is probably the best job.

    24. When things get kind of serious, they *very slowly* lower a screen around the arena so that you don't get hit or jump in on the action or something.

    25. You can spend only $20 on the souvenir photo that reminds you that you had "A Knight to Remember."

    26. Even though a ticket is surprisingly expensive, there are always tons of deals available.

    27. At the end of the night, you're sort of exhausted.

    28. But it's totally worth it, because the whole thing feels a little like Disney On Ice, i.e. completely magical.

    29. Even celebs think so!