24 Super Cool TV Vanity Cards And What They Might Mean

Television producers typically use three things to put their stamp on the end of an episode: the sound of children laughing, anything and everything involving their dogs and things falling. Here are some of the best.

1. Shondaland, Shonda Rimes

My life is a rollercoaster! Oh wait no, that’s one episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

2. Bad Robot Productions, J.J. Abrams

Pay no attention to the man behind the robot.

3. And Then Productions, Tea Leoni and David Duchovny

I play a character who is a sex addict and I am a sex addict so I spend most of my life wondering…what’s next?

4. Guntzelman Sullivan Marshall Productions

This is where Growing Pains really come from: falling off a roof.

5. Green Eggs and Pam Productions

Dr. Seuss wrote classic books. I tried to bring back Sarah Michelle Geller in the quickly-cancelled show Ringer.

6. Wonderland Sound and Vision, McG and Stephanie Savage

As you might expect, anyone who created shows like The O.C. and Supernatural spends most of their time here.

7. True Jack Productions

I’m not owned by anyone on Parenthood, but I would be.

8. Millar Gough Ink.

People loved Smallville so much they exploded! They did not like the Charlie’s Angels 2011 reboot.

9. Garfield St. Productions

Please watch our show Fairly Legal. It’s on USA. We’re cute, we swear.

10. Anhedonia Productions, Matthew Perry

Just keep Going On.

11. Levitan-Lloyd

Much like this turntable, Modern Family is a show that has charmed Americans to the point that it will probably never be off the air and will always. be. playing.

12. Matthew Gross Entertainment

Body of Proof has only been on since 2011 but dead humans are forever.

13. Still Married Productions

This is funny because the woman on Necessary Roughness is estranged from her husband!

14. Eddie Murphy Television

I’m mildly insane but at least I’m laughing.

15. Nuance Productions

Yes, I am as neurotic as the cast of Mad About You.

16. Mutant Enemy Productions, Joss Whedon


17. Moffitt Lee Productions

Sooo cute, just like Hollywood Squares.

18. Nothing Can Go Wrong Productions

Explaining it all didn’t go too well for Clarissa.

19. Acme Productions

Malibu Country is a lot more serious than it looks.

20. Bee Caves Road Productions

We made Reba and we’re darn proud of it.

21. Very Small Realm

Such a small snail couldn’t save Free Agents all on its own.

22. Stephen J. Cannell Production Logo

They don’t make them like this anymore. They also don’t make The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team or Hardcastle & McCormick anymore either.

23. Doozer, Bill Lawrence

I love the adorable children’s show Fraggle Rock! So much that I made shows about adults drinking and behaving badly like Cougar Town or Scrubs.

24. Gracie Films

If The Simpson’s says be quiet, be quiet.

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