21 Totally Weird-Looking Pets On The Covers Of Romance Novels

We’re used seeing odd humans on the front of romance novel, but why make the animals suffer?

The women of Smart Bitches Trashy Books, a romance novel review site, have noticed a trend.

According to them, “An increasing number of animals are making their way onto book covers - pets, it seems, sell really well! Unfortunately, they aren’t always well Photoshopped.”

3. Or a different cover for that book:

4. Or a different book by that same author:

Here are some other pets to feel bad for:

5. This dog who is somehow got caught up with Agnes, her frying pan and a flamingo.

6. This dog that is like, “What exactly is this pink goo and why is it on the floor in front of me?”

7. This dog that is like, “Why am I stuck in this purse while my friend over there gets all the food?”

8. This dog who does not appreciate being packed like dishes.

9. This dog who has no time for his napping owner.

10. This cat who is wondering why her owner is shirtless.

11. This cat who is wondering what exactly she is being held in; is it some sort of towel? And why is her owner shirtless?

12. This dog who is really, really sad and is also wondering why her owner is shirtless.

13. This dog who just wants to be part of this lakeside fun.

14. This dog who is disappointed with the taste of these wedding invitations.

15. This sad, sad dog.

16. This sad sad dog who wants a bracelet of his own.

17. This dog who is really thirsty and wants this photoshoot to be over.

18. This dog who doesn’t know who Cinderella is but thinks her shoes taste great.

19. This dog who is wondering how she got stuck in this suitcase.

20. This dog who would love for this relationship to be over so he can get some peace and quiet.

21. This dog who is so sad because this fireman is making him look a lot less cute than he usually does. AND WHY IS HE SHIRTLESS?

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