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21 Amazing Questions And Answers About Confusing Song Lyrics

Google is a mythical land where the truth comes out about what people really think about their favorite songs.

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"John was the 'Walrus' referred to in the 'I am the Walrus; lyrics', clearly this refers to him."

"Someone said they felt bad for whoever got the number 867-5309, but none of us can figure out what it means..."


"Is there a hidden meaning to when he says 'kill the fatted calf tonight'? to me it's random and weird but maybe it has some other meaning or maybe it's a refernce to something that i dont know"

8. Or:

"Is it penny or been and the jets I' watch the movie 27 dress they played that song"


Q: "Also what language are they speaking?" A: "I have that song on my iPod."


"I think lemon is her coy way of saying lesbian (it's colloquial slang) and I think frosted is sugar coated. I think she's calling herself a coward because she's tempted to 'sugar coat' or tone down, her queer identity."

"Something that everyone wants done to them, but not necessarily wants to reciprocate.

Something that is sometimes better than sex, but it takes 2.

Something that can be considered foreplay"

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