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13 Actors Whose Faces You Know From TV But Names You Don't

They've been making a living in Hollywood for being talented (or just beautiful) for years now. Perhaps it's time you learned who they are.

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She'll may never out-famous herself past her role on "How I Met Your Mother" as Victoria.

Though she was in Something Borrowed recently (and is the sister of Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Brad Paisley's wife and Peggy on Nashville).


And was Rachel in one of Judd Apatow's many cancelled-too-soon shows, "Undeclared."

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She plays FBI agent Lana Delaney on "The Good Wife."

Flint's got a following in the gay community because of her role, but it's unclear where that plotline is going because Lana sucks. This GIF might be the most badass that character ever gets.


You know her as the original Victoria in "Twilight"

But Bryce Dallas Howard was recast in the role because Lefevre decided to do another movie and thought they would accomodate her. Girl, you're not Bella!

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