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How To Seed A Pomegranate Without Staining Everything You Own

Your kitchen doesn't have to look like a really, really bloody murder scene.

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Start by finding your perfect pom princess.


A ripe pomegranate is slightly square in shape. You should be able to gently scratch the skin of the fruit to make a little scrape ... but don't feel like you need to go into serious claw-mode.

Now that you've taken your precious fruit home, it's time for the first incision.


Use a sharp knife to slice off the crown of the fruit. Use a cutting board! This is the only step that might get a tiny bit messy, so take off your wedding dress prior to slicing.

The cut should be thin, but the entire width of the fruit. You should be able to see the seeds of the pomegranate divided into sections. If you don't see something similar to the photo above, cut a little deeper. (The first cut is the deepest, baby I know.)

Now score!


OK, it could get a little dangerous here too, so still keep your wedding dress off to the side.

Score the outside of the pomegranate from your top cut to the bottom of the fruit. Don't cut all the way through the fruit, just use the knife to make sections in the pomegranate's skin.

Dunk tank mode.


Fill a large bowl with cool water and keep it in the sink so the splash factor won't matter.

Gently -- GENTLY I SAID -- tear open the pomegranate as you hold it submerged under the water in the bowl. The fruit should easily break off into sections.


Those ruby red arils will sink to the bottom of your bowl while the inedible membrane will float to the top. When it starts to get crowded in there, remove the membrane from the bowl and plop it in the trash. Then get back to plucking those arils.

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