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    Eating Disorder Treatment As Told By Pictures Of Cats

    Excuse me, dietician, can I add catnip to my dislikes?

    The nerve-wracking drive/flight to the treatment center.

    Eating like a normal person is a struggle.

    Every meal feels like a full Thanksgiving dinner.

    Sweats are all that fit you right now.

    You long for the days when you could go to the bathroom without a babysitter.

    People start telling you that you look SO HEALTHY.

    Crying at the dinner table becomes a regular occurrence.

    You have no idea what your weight is, but you've never been so obsessed with it.

    Your dietician "encourages" you to eat your fear foods, which is basically the most terrifying experience EVER.

    Food dreams are a real thing, and they are terrifying.

    Some days you just feel so needy and vulnerable and emotional...

    And so you do things like "reach out" and "get support"...

    Because even though it's uncomfortable and sometimes miserable...

    RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE! And totally worth it.