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8 Times Nala Said Exactly What We Were Thinking

Nala is the glue that keeps The Lion King together.

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#2. "Kings don't take advice from little hornbills for a start"


Sorry again, Zazu. But there is a time and place for rule-following, and this heroic number is not one of them.

#4. "Simba? WOAH!"


This was the moment we were all waiting for, and Nala's reaction is exactly how we all felt.

#5. "You're alive. And that means you're king"


Yeah, Simba. Listen to Nala. Go home and fulfill your duties.

#8. Simba: “You know you’re starting to sound like my father.” Nala: “Good. At least one of us does.”


Ouch.. But Nala is 100% right.

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