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14 Reasons Why Disney Princesses Are Actually Good Role Models

Enough with the crap, Disney Princesses are awesome role models.

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#1. Cinderella teaches us to remain kind and thoughtful

Throughout the entire film, Cinderella is treated like crap. Her step family treated Cinderella very disrespectfully and they were looked at to be evil. Instead of returning evil with evil, Cinderella chose to be kind and thoughtful, even with the way she was being treated.

#2. Jasmine teaches viewers to stand up for yourself

Jasmine knows she is a human being and deserves to be treated equally. She does not want to be forced into marriage and she stands up for herself. She does not let anyone push her around and wants to decide her own fate and future. She wants to be herself and she wants to decide for herself.

#3. Belle teaches us to put others before yourself

Belle gives up her entire life in order to allow her father to be freed from the Beast. Belle does not want to see her father suffer and would rather herself be trapped if it means her fathers freedom.

#4. Cinderella teaches us to never give up and to hold onto your hopes and dreams

Cinderella was forced to grow up in poverty while her stepfamily lives in riches. Cinderella teaches us to enjoy the simple things in life. She never gave up hope and always had an optimistic attitude and while we know fairy godmothers are not real, Cinderella got her happy ending by holding onto hope.

#5. Rapunzel teaches viewers to follow your heart and to overcome your fears

Rapunzel was terrified to leave the tower after the stories Mother Gothel told her about the outside world, but Rapunzel overcame her fears and left anyway. She always dreamed of seeing the floating lanterns and now was her chance. She didn't let her fears stop her from seeing her dreams.

#6. Belle teaches viewers to look beyond what you can see

Belle sees what is on the inside. On the outside, Beast is hideous, intimidating, mean, and scary, but once Belle gives him a chance, and takes the time to get to know the true Beast, she sees that he is really gentle and kind.

#7. Anna and Elsa teach us that true love comes in all different ways

Anna and Elsa broke the curse with an act of true love. Now of course we all thought Kristoff kissing Anna would be that act of true love, but Elsa hugging Anna is also an act of true love. Sisterly love. Girls, we don't need those guys!

#8. Aurora teaches us that adults know best

Aurora gives the three good fairies much respect and listens to their advice. The one time she fails to follow their advice, she ends up taking a very very long nap. I think now we all know to listen to our elderly.

#9. Merida and Mulan teach us that girls can do anything boys can

Merida and Mulan both would happily trade in their tiaras for a sword or a bow and arrow. Both Merida and Mulan save their families when they need it without big pink bows and fancy high heel shoes.

#10. Belle teaches us that reading can be fun

Most children do not like reading because they think it is boring. Belle teaches us that reading is full of imagination and is a lot of fun.

#11. Rapunzel teaches us that imagination can go a long way

Being stuck in a tower can get pretty boring I an imagine, but Rapunzel finds creative ways to entertain herself.

#12. Pocahontas teaches us that nature is beautiful, and important

Pocahontas went green before it was cool. Nature is beautiful and very important. The Earth should be cherished, not destroyed.

#13. Tiana teaches us that hard work and dedication pays off

Tiana always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. She worked for hours and hours and saved up every penny she made in order to buy her own restaurant and make her dreams come true.

#14. Ariel teaches us to not be afraid to see new places

Even though she disobeys her father, she is not afraid to chase after her dreams and to discover new places.

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