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11 Reasons Why Cheers Was One Of The Best Sitcoms Of All Time

What other sitcom has a famous bar?

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#6. The show was set in a bar, but yet, no one ever got drunk. / Via

Drunk people aren't funny. The writers were clever and allowed Norm to sit in a bar for 12 hours and never get completely bombed. And we bought it.

#7. Coach / Via

Everybody loved Coach, how could you not? Coach was the perfect, child-like bartender who wasn't always as dumb as he seemed. He protected Sam like he was his own and he was the heart and soul of Cheers. After Coach passed away, he was replaced by Woody Boyd, who was the perfect candidate. Although no one could ever completely replace Coach, Woody did a good job filling his shoes.

#8. The minor characters were just as lovable and important as the major characters / Via

Characters such as Lilith, Robin Colcord, John Allen Hill, and Carla’s Tortelli clan came and (usually) went but none of them were underwritten. Even the barflies like Al and Paul brought life to the show. And we can't forget about Vera, Norm’s unseen wife.

#10. It always remained funny and never got old / Via

One criticism of The Simpsons is that it is not as funny as it used to be. That never happened with Cheers. When Sam switched the lights out in the bar for the final time, it seemed right. They did not try to drag on the sitcom. It ended at the perfect time.

#11. The theme song

View this video on YouTube / Via

Who doesn't know the theme song to Cheers? Enough said.

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