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11 Disney Facts We Haven't Fully Processed

Take a look at these facts.. Mind = Blown.

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#4. Wtf is an elephant graveyard? It could mean one of two things.. either the elephants hold funerals there, or they just head over to that general area when they get really old.. Either way.. Weird.

#5. Tiana works her ass.. almost at an impossible rate. Tiana works a night shift at Cal’s and then a day shift at Duke’s, then bakes a zillion beignets for Charlotte, meaning she was probably awake for 24 hours straight before she turns into a frog. Damn

#6. Rapunzel made it all the way from her tower to the kingdom... BAREFOOT. We all know how much it hurts when you step on a rock.. think about it when you've never been outside before.. what a trooper.

#7. The junk stashed in the West Wing is most likely the castle's furniture from before the curse. After the curse was broken and everyone turned back into humans, they would have had doubles of everything.

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