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10 Of The Best Moments From Full House

Full House is one of those shows you can never forget.. even if you wanted too.

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#1. Dj's crash diet


The perfect body type, the hazards of crash dieting, and eating disorders were just coming public in the 80s and 90s, and of course, Full House had to dedicate a full episode to this concern. This was a great episode and taught a wonderful lesson.

#2. Stephanie, the child bride / Via

Every sitcom has to have that one episode where the middle child feels left out and feels sad because she/he is the middle child. So what does Stephanie do? Move out. How does she do that? By marrying some kid, Harry, who proposed to her. Go Steph.

#4. When Jesse and Rebecca had their twins

Everyone loves a good heartfelt moment and what's better than Uncle Jesse and Rebecca finally having their family together?

#7. Stephanie smoking


Dealing with real life situations always hit home. This was a great moment because it teaches kids that you don't need to smoke to fit in.

#8. Stephanie went out driving when she was told not to / Via

Stephanie disobeyed her sister, DJ. Stephanie was dying to go out for a ride with the "cool boys" and her friend, Gina. DJ said it was a bad idea, but Steph didn't care. Little did Steph know, DJ was right, and even though DJ forced Steph to stay home, it's a good thing she did because Gina ended up in a car accident and in the hospital. Such a heartfelt, strong moment from a comedy sitcom.

#10. Jesse and Rebecca meet for the first time


It almost seemed as if this relationship wasn't going to work, but Jesse's charm and his famous "Have mercy" worked on her too. And they ended up happily ever after.

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