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    All Of Udemy's Online Courses Are On Sale, So Now's The Time To Pick Up A New Skill

    🇨🇦From photography to cooking to foreign languages and more, and prices start as low as $14.99!🇨🇦

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    Hello, Canada! Are you in the mood to try something new? Do you have a never-ending bucket list of things you want to do, like learning another language or learning to play an instrument? Well, now is the day to pick up a new hobby, because for BuzzFeed readers right now, Udemy is having a HUGE sale, and prices start as low as 🚨$14.99.🚨 And that's in 🇨🇦CANADIAN DOLLARS.🇨🇦

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    The sale ends September 30, so don't wait on this.

    If you've never heard of Udemy, here's a quick rundown: It's an online learning platform that offers over *100,000* different courses on anything from drawing and cooking to web development and photography.

    It's a great way to try a new activity or add a new skill or certification to your resume. And you won't have to break the bank to do it! You'll also have lifetime access to the course, so you can always go back to refresh your skills.

    If you're having trouble figuring out exactly which Udemy course you want to take, here are some of our favourites:

    1. A iPhone photography course that'll show you how to take professional pictures with your smartphone, so you won't have to take 87 photos just to get a few good pics for the 'gram.

    A person holding up their phone to take a picture

    You'll learn the photography basics like how to frame and light your photos. And you'll learn how to adjust the settings on your iPhone to take better photos of people, landscapes, and architecture. There's also a class on how to use the Lightroom app on your phone to edit pictures. All you'll need is a phone.

    Price: $18.99 (originally $54.99)

    2. A web development course that'll teach you how to build your own website from scratch. You'll learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and practice your skills by completing over 35 hours of hands-on tutorials.

    A person speaking with a small screenshot of a class called The Complete Web Development Bootcamp

    You'll walk away with a better understanding of website development, and you'll have over a dozen examples of websites to add to your portfolio. You'll need a Mac or PC computer, and all the website you'll create are through Atom, which is a free program.

    Price: $24.99 (originally $204.99)

    3. A houseplants 101 course that'll teach you how to keep your plant babies thriving instead of just surviving. You'll learn about the anatomy of a plant, how and when to water it, and how to take care of all those pesky insects.

    A person sitting behind a large table that is filled with small plants

    Reviewers say they've become more confident in taking care of their houseplants.

    Price: $15.99 (originally $39.99)

    4. A knitting course, so you can make your own ugly Christmas sweater this year. You'll learn how to add and drop loops, how to change colours, and, most importantly, learn how to read to a pattern. There are seven projects to complete, including a scarf, a teddy bear, a hat, and a blanket.

    A person knitting with two different coloured balls of yarn

    The course is designed for newbies and have knit-a-long sessions, so you won't feel alone when you're working on a project. You'll need a pair of knitting needles, some yarn, a darning needle, and a pair of scissors.

    Price: $17.99 (originally $49.99)

    5. A WordPress for beginners course that'll show you the ins and outs of building and managing your own website. Whether you're creating a personal or business website, this course will show you the main features you'll need to understand, how to find and install relevant plugins, and all the ways you can customize your site.

    A screenshot of a computer screen showing different website layout designs

    Price: $20.99 (originally $209.99)

    6. A career development course that'll improve your interviewing skills, so you actually have an answer to that dreaded question: What is your greatest weakness? You'll also learn how to spruce up your resume, build a profile on LinkedIn, and feel more confident about networking.

    A person sitting at a table with a laptop in front of them

    There three sections to the course (resumes, LinkedIn, and networking), so you can pick and choose which areas you'd like to work on. You'll learn how to format your resume and what to include in each section. There's also lessons on how to write a great cover letter, how to use SEO to rank higher on the LinkedIn search engine.

    Price: $17.99 (originally $169.99)

    7. An art animation course that'll teach you how to draw the characters that have been living in your imagination. It's a great course for beginners, because you'll learn the basics of colour and lighting, as well as different techniques and digital tools that'll improve your drawing skills.

    A person colouring a picture of a person on a computer screen

    Price: $16.99 (originally $159.99)

    8. A creative writing course that'll help you brainstorm a few new ideas, if you've been dealing with writer's block lately. It's a great course for writers because it's filled with helpful exercises that'll get your creative juices flowing, improve your writing and editing skills, and develop better writing habits.

    A person drawing in their notebook

    Price: $16.99 (originally $159.99)

    9. An Adobe Photoshop course that'll teach you how to edit and retouch pictures, plus you'll be able to create your own designs like a professional graphic designer. It's a beginner course, so you won't need any prior knowledge of Photoshop.

    A screenshot of someone editing a picture of shoe using Photoshop on the computer

    You will need the Adobe Photoshop program on your computer. Reviewers like that it comes with projects that you can try out to improve your skills and add to portfolio by the end of the course.

    If you use Photoshop in your job, or have always wanted to learn how to edit pictures, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to remove people and objects, manipulate backgrounds, add typography, and add visual effects to your pictures. And you'll be able to create posters, banners, logos, and other marketing materials from scratch.

    Price: $20.99 (originally $199.99)

    10. A Spanish for beginners course that'll teach you conversational Spanish in just a few weeks. You'll learn hundreds of basic and relevant phrases that you can actually use, so you'll more confident about speaking to native Spanish speakers.

    A phone placed in a phone mount on the dashboard of a car There is a Spanish language app open on the screen

    Price: $15.99 (originally 24.99)

    11. A social media marketing course that'll teach you how to about advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You'll learn how to build and run paid ads and how to boost your content or business using SEO, making it a great course for bloggers, business owners, and anyone who works in digital marketing.

    A screenshot of a presentation slide for class called Social Media Marketing Mastery

    Price: $16.99 (originally $159.99)

    12. A body language course that'll teach you how to basically become a human lie detector. You'll learn how to review face and body signals to better understand the connection between body language and emotion. It'll show you how to read someome's nonverbal cues and improve your own communication skills, too.

    A screenshot of a person talking with a small screenshot in the corner of Barack Obama and George Bush

    Price: $15.99 (originally $24.99)

    13. A sourdough breadmaking course, so you can finally master the art of making sourdough bread. You'll learn important terminology, history, and techniques about bread, and you'll learn how to bake two styles of sourdough—the Boule and the French Sourdough.

    A person kneading bread dough on a counter top

    Price: $15.99 (originally $34.99)

    14. An SEO training course that'll show you how to improve your content's ranking in search engine results for Google, Bing, and more. You'll learn how to get indexed by search engines, and you'll learn how to use a ton of free online SEO tools.

    An animated picture of a website page on one side and a group of 12 animated people with an arrow pointing toward the website page on the other

    This is a great course of bloggers, business owners, and anyone in online content creation.

    Price: $17.99 (originally $164.99)

    15. An Microsoft Excel course that'll teach you the fundamentals of the program, so you'll feel more confident about it. You'll learn how to create a pivot table, how to use formulas, and how to format a spreadsheet. And at the end, you'll receive a certificate showing you're actually proficient in Excel.

    A screenshot of a blank Excel spreadsheet with a person in the bottom corner speaking

    Price: $16.99 (originally $154.99)

    16. A sign language course that'll teach you how to communicate using ASL. You'll learn about the history of the language, basic animals, foods, and drink signs, and how to finger spell. And you'll have access to a workbook, so you can practice anywhere.

    A person making the letter B with their hand using American Sign Language

    Price: $15.99 (originally $54.99)

    17. A time management course that'll teach you how to be more productive, if that's something you struggle with. It's designed specifically for students who find themselves overwhelmed by work. You'll develop a plan that'll help you make better use of your time throughout the day.

    A screenshot of a person speaking with a screenshot in the bottom corner that says The Silent Killers of Productivity

    You'll learn what habits are causing you to be less productive, why sleep is important, and why multi-tasking is actually a myth (mind blown!).

    Price: $17.99 (originally $79.99)

    18. A memory and speed reading course that'll help you get through dense articles, books, and documents faster AND actually remember what you've read. You'll focus on how your memory works and ways to improve it, so you're able to quickly store and recall information.

    A screenshot of a presentation slide that says learn huge amounts of information faster than you can imagine

    It's a great course for students and professionals who spend a lot of their time reading. You'll complete three hours of memory and speed-reading exercises each week for nine weeks.

    Price: $21.99 (originally $204.99)

    19. A Linux training course that'll teach you the ins and outs of the popular operating system. By the end, you'll know how to write shell scripts and how to administer over 150 commands. And you'll have access to a bonus resume and interview workshop that'll prepare you for a future in IT.

    An animated drawing of a penguin on a paint-splashed background with a caption that says Linux is used everywhere around you

    It'll prepare you for the EX-200 exam, making it a great course for any IT professional who wants to become a Redhat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).

    Price: $17.99 (originally $169.99)

    20. And lastly, a guitar course that'll teach you how to strum like a rock star. You'll learn more about different chords, scales, and guitar theory, and there are over 34 hours of video exercises to practice with. All you'll need is a guitar!

    A person sitting in a chair and playing a guitar

    Price: $21.99 (originally $204.99)

    And there are thousands of other courses to choose from! Go check out all the Udemy online courses that are on sale right now for as little as $14.99.

    Don't forget, the sale ends September 30!

    You after one class:

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