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    28 Reusable Household Products That Are Worth Every Penny

    Buy it once, and use it basically forever.

    1. A silicone food storage bag that you'll be able to use over and over again. It's a great way to stash your favourite munchies in your bag, and it has an airtight seal, so it won't leak.

    2. A pack of reusable cotton rounds that won't fall apart while you're using them. They're super absorbent, so they're great for removing makeup or applying toner, and you can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

    A person spraying makeup remover from a pump bottle to a cotton round

    3. A roll of reusable double-sided tape that'll come in handy for any DIY project you're planning to do. You can mount picture frames instead of using screws or hooks, tape carpets or rugs to the floor so you don’t trip on them, or put it under your chairs and sofas to keep them from moving around.

    4. A pack of bin liners that'll keep your fridge smelling fresh AF. They'll absorb moisture from your fruits, so they last longer. You can trim them to fit your bins or shelves and toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

    A lower bin in a refrigerator that has oranges, grapes and apples inside it The bin is lined with a spongy mat

    5. A super-tiny beauty spatula that'll help you get every last drop of your beauty products out of the bottle. The flexible silicone head and long, narrow handle can fit into your favourite makeup and skincare bottles. And when the containers are cleaned out, they're in the perfect condition to be recycled!

    6. A pack of flexible silicone face mask applicators, so you can apply your face masks and moisturizer with ease. It'll prevent you from transferring any oil or bacteria from your fingers to your skin and keep your hands from getting messy.

    7. A pack of pastry bags that are made of durable silicone, so you'll never have to throw them away. They come in three sizes and reviewers love how easy they are to clean. You can wash them by hand or stick them in the dishwasher.

    A person icing a cupcake with a silicone pastry bag.

    8. A pack of shopping bags that'll come in handy on the days you make an impromptu purchase of groceries or other items. And each one can hold up to 50 pounds and folds into a tiny square, so they won't take up a lot of space in your bag.

    9. A set of stainless steel utensils that are both aesthetically pleasing and super functional. You can use them to eat your lunch instead of the single-use plastic ones, and they come with a little container, so you can keep them at your desk or carry around them with you.

    10. A pack of mesh bags that'll save you from using plastic bags when you buy fruits and veggies. Reviewers love that they're more durable than the single use bags. And they won't tear if you put a bunch of produce in one bag.

    Three mesh bags with drawstring ties at the top. Each is a different size with different fruit or vegetable inside

    11. An eco-friendly notebook that you can scan using the Rocketbook app to create digital copies of all your notes. The paper is reusable, so once you're finished with your notes, just wipe the paper with a damp cloth to erase everything.

    12. A pack of air purifying bags that'll actually remove bad odours from your clothes and shoes. They’re made with activated charcoal to absorb excess moisture and prevent mould and bacteria.

    13. A glass coffee cup, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you're on the go. It's made with tempered glass, so it's extra durable. And it's small enough to store in your bag for future caffeine cravings.

    14. An ultra-soft facecloth that’ll remove all your makeup with water — just water! It works gently to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil from your face, and can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

    15. A tumbler that'll encourage you to drink water, if you're someone who tends to forget. The coloured bands act as small markers you can slide up once you've passed them. It's a cool way to motivate and track how much water you've had, so you drink enough water every day.

    16. A charger that'll give your rechargeable batteries a little juice, so you don't have to constantly buy disposable ones. It can charge up to four batteries at a time and is compatible with AA and AAA sizes.

    A rectangular shaped charger plugged into an outlet with four AAA batteries charging

    17. A pack of silicone cleaning swabs that you'll never have to throw away. You can use them to clean your ears or apply and remove makeup, and when you're finished, just use soap and water to clean them. They also come with a small storage box, so you can take them with you anywhere.

    A small container with two cotton swaps inside One tip is smooth and the other is spiky

    18. A pack of eco-friendly sponges that are so durable, you won't need to replace them as often as regular sponges. They have a thick polyester filling that reviewers say are very absorbent. The covers are made of bamboo fibres and have different textures on each side, so you can wipe, wash, and scrub any surface in your kitchen.

    Two thick kitchen sponges with one soft side and one quilted side

    19. A ball of slime that'll remove dust from your keyboard and other electronic devices. The cleaning putty is an eco-friendly alternative to dust wipes because it's reusable and biodegradable!

    20. A little brown bear that'll keep your brown sugar soft and moist for up to six months. Just soak it in water for 20 minutes and place it in the jar.

    21. A portable cocktail glass, so you can still enjoy some wine when you're spending time outdoors. It has a protective silicone trim and lid to prevent damage and spills. It's also a great way to cut down on single-use plastic cups.

    22. A roll of reusable paper towels that you can use over 120 times before you throw them away. They're made of bamboo, making them incredibly durable and absorbent, and you can wash them by hand or pop them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

    23. A pack of food wraps that'll replace single-use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. They're perfect for small food items like cheese, fruit, and sandwiches, and they respond to the warmth and pressure of your hand to shape and seal them.

    24. A set of wool dryer balls that are an eco-friendly alternative to fabric softener. They'll also help your clothes dry faster and reduce wrinkles and static. The bigger your load, the more balls you should put in your dryer.

    Six fuzzy wool balls in a dryer with a load of laundry

    25. A pack of silicone food huggers that'll create a tight seal around your fruits and vegetables to make them last longer. They're reusable, dishwasher safe, and come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of produce.

    A sliced onion and tomato with silicone lids wrapped around the ends A similar silicone lid is covering a small glass jar

    26. A long and flexible drain snake that has over 4,000 tiny hooks to pick up all the gunk and debris hiding in your kitchen and bathroom pipes. It’ll save you time and money in the long run, because you won’t have to hire a plumber or buy chemical drain cleaners. It’s absolutely disgusting, but incredibly satisfying to use.

    27. A pair of collapsible silicone straws that'll replace all the single-use plastic straws you'd normally use. They're a great alternative to metal straws, which can be hard on teeth and change temperature depending on whether you’re drinking a hot or cold beverage.

    Two silicone straws folded into small carrying cases

    28. And finally, a cloth coffee filter, so you can stop buying the single-use paper ones. This eco-friendly filter is perfect for small to medium coffee makers and can make up to six cups before it needs to be washed.

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