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    27 Accessories That You’ll Want To Wear Seven Days A Week

    Bags, jewellery, and shoes, oh my!

    1. A pack of hair ties that you can actually count on. The corded design will keep your hair from snagging and breaking, and unlike regular hair ties, these won’t snap when you try to tie your hair up.

    A person with their long hair in a ponytail using coiled hair ties

    2. A denim bucket hat that'll be your favourite accessory this spring. You'll look as cool and stylish as the Mowry twins in Sister, Sister (read: iconic).

    A person wearing a denim bucket hat

    3. A set of Jenny Bird ear cuffs that'll cover your lobe and helix in jewels. If you like the look of a stacked ear but don't want the permanency of piercings, these cuffs are calling your name.

    A person wearing a small hoop earring and two ear cuffs

    4. A large tote if you're like Mary Poppins and practically live out of your bag. It has a pair of long handles that'll fit comfortably over your shoulder.

    A person carrying a large tote bag

    5. A pair of pearl hoop earrings from Mejuri that'll make you feel glamorous, even if you’re wearing something simple like jeans and a T-shirt.

    A model wearing a gold hoop earring with a large pearl on the end

    6. A small pin that'll let everyone know what your pronouns are. The black-and-white illustration gives it an artsy vibe that'll upgrade any outfit.

    A denim jacket with a pin that says they them on it

    7. A pair of sleek sneakers with a mix of textures and colours that'll add a little extra something to your look. They're slip-on shoes so you'll never have to fuss with the laces.

    A person wearing a sneaker on their foot

    8. A silicone ring for the person who always loses, scratches, or tarnishes their jewellery. It's extremely durable and you can wear it while you’re doing just about just about anything (like working out, gardening, or swimming).

    A person wearing two small silicone rings on their ring finger

    9. A scrunchie with a beautiful eyelet pattern that'll look just as good on your wrist as it does in your hair. It comes with a scarf that'll dress up your 'do with very little effort.

    A person wearing their hair in a ponytail with a scrunchie that has a scarf

    10. A ring that you'll never get tired of wearing. Its simple, yet classic design makes it the perfect accessory for anyone who likes a minimalist aesthetic when it comes to jewellery.

    A person wearing a ring on their finger

    11. A cute beaded bracelet that looks like it's handmade. It's reminiscent of the friendship bracelets you used to make as a child and will add a nice pop of colour to your look.

    A beaded bracelet on a plain background

    12. A pair of tiny retro sunglasses that'll look good with any outfit. Not only will it protect your eyes but it has the same dramatic cat-eye shape as Marilyn Monroe's iconic sunnies.

    A person wearing tiny cat-eye sunglasses

    13. A pack of huggie hoops so you can create a perfectly curated ear. You probably have (or really, really want) multiple ear piercings and these gold hoops are a great way to try out the stacked earrings trend.

    Three pairs of different sized hoop earrings

    14. A set of shiny clips that'll transform your sneakers from boring to bedazzling. They'll attach to your shoelaces so you won't have to worry about damaging your footwear.

    Three jewel clips attached to the shoelaces on a running shoe

    15. A pair of earrings that'll make your lobes look like works of art. They're handmade in Montreal and have an asymmetrical design that are a little different than the jewels you normally wear.

    A pair of earrings on a plain background

    16. A set of metal clips that'll give your hairdo a little extra something with very little effort. They're made of durable metal and come in four geometric designs that are simple but oh-so cute!

    A person wearing a moon shaped barrette in their hair

    17. A lil' backpack that is too cool for school. It's made of buttery-soft vegan leather and has a top handle so you can easily convert it into a handbag.

    A person wearing a mini backpack on their shoulders

    18. A pair of statement earrings that are reminiscent of the bold and beautiful hoops of the '80s. They're made of polymer clay using a mix of colours and shapes that makes these earrings look less like jewellery and more like works of art.

    A pair of earrings in a small tray

    19. A necklace that'll decorate your décolletage with four chains of fine jewellery. Layering multiple necklaces is super trendy right now and this piece takes the effort out of figuring out which ones will work together.

    A person wearing a stack of necklaces

    20. A pack of statement earrings that are all about that ~face~! The designs are minimalist yet artsy and are made of lightweight, gold-plated brass so you can wear them comfortably all day long.

    21. A crossbody bag by Pixie Mood that you'll never want to leave the house without. It's spacious enough to hold all your essential and has a detachable strap if you want to use it as a clutch.

    A person wearing a small bag with a thin long strap

    22. A pair of earrings that'll spread a little love everywhere you go. And if you're a Gossip Girl fan, these studs are a subtle way to pay homage to your favourite TV show.

    A person's ear with a pair of stud earrings in the shape of an x and o

    23. A woven crossbody bag that'll be a staple in your summer wardrobe. It's made with natural rattan fibres and has a unique circular shape and floral pattern that is sure to turn heads.

    A person wearing a round crossbody bag on their shoulder

    24. These acrylic hair claw clips that'll get your hair out of your face when you're not in the mood to put your hair in a ponytail. They'll work on any hair length and give you an effortless hairdo in seconds.

    25. A pretty ring that'll look like a chic lil' croissant on your finger. You can easily stack with your other jewels and it has such a classic design that you'll never get tired of wearing it.

    A person wearing two rings on their fingers

    26. A pair of stunning tassel earrings that'll make you think of the ocean. They're handmade in Vancouver using glass beads and brass so each pair is truly unique.

    A person wearing long beaded earrings

    27. And finally, a pair of fuzzy slides that are basically the love child of your comfiest slippers and practical summer sandals. They'll surround your tootsies in softness and they have grippy rubber soles that’ll save you from sliding on your hardwood floors.

    A person sitting on a chair wearing fuzzy slippers on their feet

    You with your new accessories:

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