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    23 Affordable Luxuries That You Won't Regret Buying

    The best part? They're under $30.

    1. A pair of leggings that'll keep you looking stylish while you're working on your fitness. They're high-waisted so you won't feel like they're sliding down or cutting you off at your hips.

    A person wearing a pair of leggings and sports bra

    2. A tube of Kosas lip oil that'll take your pout from dry to dewy with a single swipe. The blend of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and primrose oil will help hydrate and protect your kisser, and it comes in a ton of shades if you want to give your lips a flush of colour.

    A tube of lip oil with a swatch of product around it

    3. A resin ring that'll be a funky and fresh addition to your jewellery collection. Beaded accessories are trending and this chunky band is fun way to add some colour to your look.

    A person wearing thick rings on their fingers

    4. A jelly eye mask by Clean and Clear that'll treat you to a mini facial after a long day. It's infused with seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid to soothe and hydrate your skin in just 15 minutes.

    Three sheet masks in packaging on a plain background

    5. A metal stake that'll give your plant babies some support and look good while doing it. Reviewers say it's bigger than it looks and works well with larger plants.

    A plant with a leaf shaped stake beside it

    6. A pack of vinyl stickers that'll give your device a mini makeover. They’re waterproof and the adhesive is strong enough to stick to just about anything.

    7. A blanket scarf that'll keep you as warm as Lenny Kravitz in his iconic knit scarf of 2012. The classic plaid pattern will go with whatever you're wearing and there are dozens of different ways to style it.

    A person wearing a large scarf around their neck

    8. A coffee mug that'll perfectly sum up your mood before and after you've had your morning cup of joe.

    A coffee mug that says Not Today Satan

    9. A pair of tinted sunglasses that'll have you seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. The heart-shaped design will have you looking like an IRL-version of the heart-eye emoji 😍.

    A person wearing heart-shaped sunglasses

    10. A set of glass mugs that'll make your brew look a little fancier. They're made with double-walled borosilicate glass so your drinks will stay hot until the very last drop.

    Two glass mugs of coffee on a wooden table

    11. A hardcover journal that looks like a miniature version of the Burn Book from Mean Girls, but is big enough to keep all your secrets. It has a ribbon bookmark inside and a pocket at the back to store a few mementos. So fetch!

    A small journal that says the burn book on the cover

    12. A sheer scrunchie that'll look just as good on your wrist as it does in your hair. It has a gilded star pattern that'll add a little glitz to your 'do.

    Four scrunchies in different colours in a group

    13. A cute utensil holder that'll become an accent piece in your kitchen. It has a wide mouth to fit over ten different tools and it's made of durable ceramic that won't chip or fade.

    14. A zodiac-inspired trinket dish that'll hold all your small jewels. Or you can keep it by the front door as a place to stash your keys so you'll never forget where they are.

    A round ceramic trinket dish with rings on it

    15. A bottle of dark chocolate syrup that'll add a bittersweet touch to your next dessert. It has a thin nozzle so you can create intricate designs on your food before you devour it.

    A bowl of ice cream covered in chocolate sauce next to a bottle of chocolate syrup

    16. A pack of fine-tip pens you'll love writing and drawing with. They come in a range bright colours and can create thin, clear lines that'll work for any project. They also dry quickly, making them practically smudgeproof.

    17. A tube of glittery eyeliner by Urban Decay for when a simple black cat eye isn't enough. It's made from a water-based formula that'll dry down quickly so you won't have to worry about the glitter transferring or falling out.

    18. An Animal Crossing mug that you can personalize like your beloved island. You can add your island name, the date you started playing, and even your native fruit.

    A ceramic mug on a wooden table with Nintendo Switch consoles in the background

    19. A lil' night light that's equal parts spooky and cute. It'll look like a piece of decor during the day but will look absolutely lit when you turn it on each night.

    A small night light in the shape of a dumpling with a face drawn on the front.

    20. A satin sleep mask that’ll block out any light so you'll be able to snooze anywhere. It has a thick, stretchy band across the back that won't get tangled in your hair.

    A person holding sleep eye mask in their hands

    21. A colouring and activity book that features your favourite feminist icons from music, film, art, and politics. It's filled with crossword puzzles, mazes, and colouring pages that'll keep you busy for hours and hours.

    An activity book on a pile of colouring book sheets

    22. A packet of white hot chocolate mix that'll magically turn pink when you add hot water or milk. Reviewers say it has a rich, creamy texture and tastes as sweet as a birthday cake.

    A mug of white hot chocolate with marshallows

    23. And finally, a flexible phone mount that'll clip to your bed, desk, or breakfast tray so you won't have to hold up your phone while you watch TV or video chat.

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