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    28 Cute And Cozy Loungewear Items For Your Fall Wardrobe

    Like pyjamas, but better.

    1. A stretchy romper by Smash + Tess that is perfect for lounging in. The simple silhouette and soft rayon-cotton blend make it comfortable and versatile enough to wear when you're in bed or out running errands.

    A person in mid air above their bed wearing a long-sleeved romper

    2. A cardigan and a pair of matching shorts that are soft, warm, and too cute for words. They'll add a little variety to you collection of loungewear sets if you're tired of wearing a simple hoodie and sweatpants.

    A person wearing a cardigan with matching knit shorts

    3. A long-sleeved shirt that you'll want to wear for all your Zoom meetings. The ribbed knit material may be simple but is also a fashionable and modern update to your basic tee.

    A person wearing a long-sleeved ribbed shirt with pants

    4. A pair of leggings that you'll want to buy in bulk. They're high waisted so they won't cut you off in the middle and you can layer them under your other pants when it gets really chilly.

    5. An oversized hoodie that combines comfort and style into one. The colourblock pattern is anything but plain and the iconic Nike logo adds a sporty touch to this sweater.

    A person wearing a hoodie with matching pants

    6. A Calvin Klein bralette for the days when an underwire bra seems like too much. The cotton blend material is very soft and the elastic band is both stretchy and comfortable so you won't even feel like you're wearing a bra.

    A person wearing a wireless bralette under a sweater

    7. A graphic sweatshirt that'll always spread good vibes. You can wear it with leggings or sweatpants when you want to be warm and cozy or layer it over a maxi dress for a cool and casual fall vibe.

    A person wearing a sweatshirt that says Self Love Always

    8. A pair of fleece joggers that are a more fashionable version of the sweatpants you usually wear but are just as cozy.

    A person wearing fitted sweatpants and slides

    9. A sweater dress that you'll be tempted to wear to bed because it's just so snuggly. It's made of soft cotton jersey and has a fleece lining that'll keep you warm all season long.

    A person wearing a knee length sweatshirt dress

    10. A long cardigan that'll surround your bod in softness. It's super lightweight so it'll add a warm layer to your outfits without feeling bulky.

    A person wearing a long cardigan with jeans and flats

    11. A pair of Bermuda shorts that'll go with any shirt in your closet. They're a great alternative to sweatpants if you're someone who tends to run hot.

    A person wearing a T-shirt and matching Bermuda shorts

    12. A pair of joggers that are a cuter version of the cargo pants you already have. If you're looking for lounge pants that have pockets, look no further because these ones have four.

    A person squatting down and wearing a long-sleeved shirt and joggers

    13. A pair of thick reading socks that'll keep your tootsies toasty warm while you're doing a whole lot of nothin'. They're the perfect combination of socks and slippers and have ribbed cuffs at the tops to keep them from sliding down.

    A person's feet with thick knit socks on them

    14. A sweater dress that'll fit like an oversized sweater but is so long that it's basically a wearable blanket. The dropped shoulders and side slit give this frock a chic and effortless touch.

    A person wearing a long-sleeved sweater dress with a jacket and running shoes

    15. A pair of Adidas bike shorts that you could wear to workout in but they're just so comfy, you'll probably wear them 24/7. You can even wear them under your skirts and dresses to prevent chafing.

    A person wearing shorts with stripes on the side

    16. A pair of denim joggers that are the perfect combination of jeans and sweats. They're made with a blend of cotton and Spandex so they have a relaxed fit but they'll still look as stylish as a pair of faded jeans.

    A person wearing denim joggers with running shoes

    17. A jumpsuit that is equal parts stylish and functional. You'll never have to wonder what to wear with it because it's magically an all-in-one outfit. All you have to do is put it on and go.

    A person sitting on the ground wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit

    18. A cute sweatshirt and pair of matching joggers that you'll look for excuses to wear. The dreamy star print will make this the most stylish loungewear set in your closet.

    A person wearing a sweatshirt and matching sweatpants

    19. A casual T-shirt dress that doesn't require any extra effort. It's a great basic to have in your closet and it's made with a stretchy and breathable cotton that'll only get more comfortable as you wear it.

    A person wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt dress with a striped pattern

    20. A cardigan with a geometric pattern that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out.

    A person wearing a zip up cardigan

    21. A long-sleeved jumpsuit you'll want to take mirror selfies in. The soft cotton material will feel like a dream against your skin and it has a banded waist and flared hem that give it a subtle '70s vibe.

    A person sitting on a block wearing a jumpsuit with a banded waist

    22. A cotton bodysuit that'll become a go-to basic during the fall and winter seasons. It's a great layering piece that you can rock with basically any bottom and it won't create any weird bunching like a normal shirt or blouse would.

    A person wearing a long-sleeved bodysuit with jeans

    23. A sherpa hoodie that’s stylish enough to wear outdoors but so damn comfy, you'll want to wear it at home, too. The soft, fluffy texture will make you feel like a real-life teddy bear every time you put it on.

    A person wearing a fuzzy sweatshirt with jeans

    24. A zip-up hoodie and matching joggers by Juicy Couture that you either wore in early 2000s or just really, really wanted. From the soft velvet material to the crystal logo, these sweats are nothing short of iconic.

    25. A pair of high-waisted pants you'll want to wear every day because they look and feel so good. They're fitted through the hip and thigh but flare into a wide-legged style.

    A person wearing a pair of wide legged pants

    26. A cropped sweatshirt that you'll probably live in all season long. It has a thermal knit pattern that'll add a little texture and warmth to your outfit.

    A person wearing a cropped sweatshirt with matching sweatpants

    27. A Roots hoodie and a pair of matching sweatpants that'll have you looking both cool and casual, whether you're chillaxing on the couch or out and about. It's made with a cotton-polyester blend that'll feel as soft and comfy as your favourite PJs.

    28. And finally, a pair of furry Ugg slides that'll be the comfiest pair of slippers in your collection. They're completely covered in Ugg's iconic and ultra-soft sheepskin and have an elastic strap around the back to keep them from sliding off.

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