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What Hogwarts House Is This Disney Prince NOT In?

As protagonists, they'll probably end up in Gryffindor :/

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There are a hundred lists on the internet sorting the Disney leading men into their Hogwarts houses, and almost all of them conflict. So instead of that, can we all just agree what house they aren't in?

Note** Some Disney leads have not been included for lack of discernible personality due to inadequate screen time or dialogue.

NOT Ravenclaw

Defense: While jailed by Jafar, Aladdin meets an old man who knows a) about the Cave of Wonders despite being in prison so long, b) magically has the key to said cave despite being in prison so long, and c) knows the way to escape but has been waiting for another person to be put in prison. Apparently Aladdin is the only prisoner in 20 years. Definitely trust this guy.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Aladdin bravely fought giant snake Jafar. That's some Harry level bad assery.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - He's a thief (even for good reasons), and he cunningly outsmarted Jafar into becoming a genie. He and Abu also got themselves out of the cave by tricking Genie.

POSSIBLE: Hufflepuff - He gave his bread to street kids and saved Jasmine from getting her hand cut off. Hopefully this is basic human decency.

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Hufflepuffs (besides being particularly good finders), are hard-working, loyal, and hospitable. Let's just hit all the major areas the Beast is lacking.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - When it came to love, he fought his own self-hatred, depression, and pulled a chauvinist pig to safety giving him the opportunity to leave, even after said pig tried to kill him and steal Belle like she was property (even after she told Gaston no means no). Talk about chivalry and some deep-seated psychological bravery to confront the mob afraid of the monster he was also afraid of being.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - The Beast is pretty snobby. Purebloods only, and definitely no beggars. Even after spending 10 years a beast, he's selfish, self-centered, and elitist. Like most Slytherins, the Beast is also fiercely protective of the things/those he loves (in the case of his castle staff quite literally one and the same).

POSSIBLE: Ravenclaw - The Beast can't even read at age 11 and/or 20; I really don't think he's the genius Belle is looking for.

NOT Slytherin

Defense: Herc is dating a prime Slytherin example of masterful manipulation, and has no idea what she's doing. He's a farm boy at heart, and that heart is totally pure. He has a mission, he has his bird brained horse, he has his Danny DeVito coach. He is not one to be cunning.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - Hear me out. Ravenclaw has the most vague descriptor of all the four houses. They like wit and learning. That doesn't mean "intelligent." All the houses are intelligent and average at their own pace. Ravenclaw just means being enthusiastic about learning, and if you think about it Hercules was a savant in a lot of ways about training and monster strategy. He was committed, dedicated, and got his muscles in one song that lasted 3 years.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - I mean, yeah, the Herculean tasks are now an idiomatic expression for conquering something impossible with bravery. So. Duh. Fights a chimera. Scar's Nemean Lion. A list of super-brave stuff.

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - I think Hercules can fall in any of these three. He's such a hard worker, and wants to make his earthly and Olympian parents proud. His diligence and commitment make him a great Hufflepuff too.

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Like Aladdin, Eugene is a thief used to the easy life. He was probably escaping the anonymity of orphan life and an unremarkable peasanthood by inventing his Flynn Rider persona, but it's hard to say that he would go out of his way to help someone before meeting Rapunzel.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - Eugene steals from the rich and keeps for himself. He wants a private island, and also actively pursues what he wants. He's also an excellent strategist - the mission impossible crown swoop - and protective of those he loves.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Eugene swordfights, dodges a landslide, avoids drowning, being torn apart by ruffians and thugs, sings in public, and avoids the gallows only to express true love and his humble orphan beginnings. That pretty much covers the bases of bravery.

POSSIBLE: Ravenclaw - His heists were smart and would have been flawless if his hamartia wasn't a burning need for recognition and infamy.

NOT Ravenclaw

Defense: Although he was half unconscious at the time, he's seen Ariel before. Believing Ursula to be her makes no sense. Also why would Ariel be in the water or save him way out at sea if she was a human girl since she was obviously not aboard the sinking ship?

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - He's good natured about working hard on his ship, not making his men work harder/do for him. He also dresses modestly and not bedecked in jewels. He also gets props for nicest guy award (taking in a mute girl, loving his sheepdog).

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Eric valiantly tackles a sea witch and escapes drowning. He doesn't shrink from his daring due.

POSSIBLE: Slytherin - We see no signs of cunning or manipulation in Eric. He also doesn't seem a brilliant strategist, since he's a human and he attacks a sea witch on her turf, but what's a prince to do?

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Kuzco is selfish, vain, and makes Pacha carry him for part of the movie. I think that qualifies as "afraid of toil."

Slytherin - Kuzco manipulates Pacha into helping him (only to double cross him), but also cunningly works out a lot of puzzles and traps they get into along the way. He's also not afraid at all to go after what he wants.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - Kuzco is smart for being so selfish. He realizes how to outsmart Yzma, has a steep learning curve like climbing the cliff in the beginning/end with Pacha, and plans his wife-on-honeymoon costume to get into a restaurant.

POSSIBLE: Gryffindor - Kuzco isn't super brave or loyal. He does, however, hold up under pressure.

NOT Slytherin

Defense: Milo is disgusted when his team attempts to take Kida. He's a scholar and a pacifist at heart. He is so persuasive against the allure of power, money, and the cunning of Rorque that the rest of the team stays behind to fight.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - Milo learns a dead language, re-teaches it to a dying culture, and resurrects new life into a lost city that he finds through ruins and a book dating back to Plato. He's unashamedly geeky about the things he loves and admires learning beyond all else.

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - Milo is unfailingly kind. He pours his heart and soul into everything he does, is sheepish and humble about his shortcomings and mistakes, and works diligently to get them to Atlantis.

POSSIBLE: Gryffindor - The ending is exciting and includes lava, flying stone fish, and some very improbable thermodynamics. Milo is a hero, but at heart he's still, as Kida would put it, "a scholar, not suited to anything else."

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Peter Pan is the spirit of never working, no responsibility, not even family. He literally ran away from his life in order to always play. He heard his parents in his cradle saying he could be a doctor or a lawyer, and he got so fed up with the idea of hard work and perseverance, he floated out his window.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - Peter is cunning. He's sly and smart and can outsmart(snark) old James Hook any day of the week. He also is picky about his Lost Boys. If they bore him or they don't fit in their trees anymore, Peter either makes them fit, or boots them off the island. In order to get his boys to stop whining, he stole them Wendy and lured her and her brothers to fly away with him.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Peter is brave to a fault, but also loyal and chivalrous. In the books, when Wendy and he are going to drown, he chooses to save her first because she was a lady, and for him to die "would be an awfully big adventure."

POSSIBLE: Ravenclaw - Peter is brilliant and enthusiastic. He is the spirit of youth, and a sort of immortal ideal that he takes full advantage of. While he loves learning, he forgets things so easily that years later, he listens to stories about himself with interest and enjoyment.

NOT Gryffindor

Defense: Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. It's not that John would be a bad Gryffindor - he's brave, yes, but the type of bravery he exhibits is generic masculine bravery. John has more layers than that.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - John loves exploring. He is an adventurer at heart, and for Ravenclaws who love learning, John is thirsting for the world over. He meets Pocahontas and learns cultural understanding from her extremely quickly in spite of his many blunders. He can see and speak with Grandmother Willow. He is respectful to the chief and their customs, and unlike the others, does not bring up slurs against the Algonquin even in the face of death. He recognizes and respects Kokoum as a man, and is sorry Thomas shot him.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - John isn't a fool. He knows Radcliffe is there for gold, and so asks directly at the source if there's any around. He's direct, and pursues what he wants, in this case, the girl. Although he's originally elitist about his heritage, he learns to quiet his worldview in the face of others.

POSSIBLE: Hufflepuff - John doesn't seem to do much; he shirks building the walls at the camp in order to scout and spend time with Pocahontas. He also doesn't bring in any firewood or hunt or attempt to build up the fort.

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Jim is neither hard-working nor diligent. His mother is harassed by his poor behavior, he doesn't help around the inn, and inadvertently sets fire to it, destroying their family. Learning responsibility and the honesty of labor is partially what the movie is about to help ground Jim in his dreams.

Ravenclaw - Jim builds his own hoverboards by himself. In the middle of a life-or-death scenario, he was able to piece together a board in seconds, and relight it mid-flight when it failed. He is brilliant, understands how the transdimensional door works, and rewires Ben's mind. He opens the treasure map, and is enthusiastic about his own interests (even if not others).

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - He is exceptionally brave and level headed in the face of danger. He earns the respect of Captain Amelia, and even the old cyborg pirate, Silver.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - Jim is equally capable in being in any of these houses. He is artfully cunning, can dodge the law, and strategizes for his team to keep them alive during a mutiny, outsmarting all of them on Treasure Planet and getting them to safety.

NOT Slytherin

Defense: Tarzan is so loyal he jumps into the water to retrieve an elephant hair as a child. Although he is accused of betrayal and manipulation by Kerjack, he is unfailingly loyal to his mother Kala, and his group.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - I'm not just talking about physical bravery of taking on a jaguar or Clayton or learning a new culture and language. Tarzan stood up to Kerjack, who he desperately wanted approval from, who he wanted to regard as a father, and who shunned Tarzan his whole life.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - Tarzan, in the 6-8 weeks the Porters were ashore, learned an entirely new language with its complex grammar flawlessly. He also learned how to walk/sit/behave in an entirely new manner. This takes children years to learn within their own culture. And, unlike Pocahontas, he did it without the help of a magic tree and some wind.

POSSIBLE: Hufflepuff - Tarzan is obviously unafraid of roughing it. He's also immensely loyal both to Jane and those he considers his friends and family.

NOT Ravenclaw

Defense: Although Phillip manages to defeat Maleficent, at the same he time can't recognize Aurora in different clothing after falling madly in love with her only the day before. It wasn't like a Batman thing, where her face was covered and she talked like a bucket of gravel. It wasn't even Clark Kent's glasses or changed hair. It was the exact same girl, same hair, same face (albeit asleep). He and Eric should start a club.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Phillip defeats a dragon with nothing but a sword and his trusty steed. This is literally the epitome of old time chivalry and bravery. 14th century stuff.

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - He rides around the woods on his own, without the pomp of his guard. He has 0 tolerance for his father's old fashioned pureblood ideals saying he can marry any girl he pleases.

POSSIBLE: Slytherin - Phillip is smart and a good strategist in order to find Maleficent's weakness and pursues what he wants, but his lack of interest in royal blood status doesn't make him a true Slytherin.

NOT Hufflepuff

Defense: Naveen has been taking the easy road his whole life. The movie is about a hardworking POC woman taking charge and achieving her dreams through hard work. Naveen is supposed to learn from her.

PROBABLE: Slytherin - Naveen is obsessed with status and money to maintain the lifestyle he desires, and is not afraid to fake fall in love with Lottie to get it. He's also happy to flatter and be flattered.

PROBABLE: Ravenclaw - He's is a quick study. He is the one often dragging Tiana along during their frog adventures, and lands on his feet.

POSSIBLE: Gryffindor - He's is brave in the face of the witch doctor, and confronting his unfaithful servant. But let's be real, Tiana carries the team and the movie, and Naveen is not a super likeable prince.

NOT Ravenclaw

Defense: The whole troll plot was a mess and a half leftover from a previous draft of the movie concerning a troll prophecy about eternal winter ushered in by a frozen heart. So I guess I can forgive some of the inaccuracies. But unless the trolls wiped both Sven and Kristoff's memory of a princess with red hair with a white stripe whose sister does ice magic, there is no excuse for Kristoff not to recognize Anna immediately, and remember Elsa.

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - Kristoff hauls ice as an inexplicable orphan (abandoned) child? He has been working his whole life as an ice harvester and trader (although why the fjords would need a booming ice trade is a mystery).

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - He battles to Anna and confronts his own feelings for her. He is also smart enough to know when sisters come first, and to recognize the moment and the love for what it is, instead of trying to make it about himself. He also lets Anna punch Hans and tries to help Elsa mid-snowstorm.

POSSIBLE: Slytherin - He's pretty grouchy and cantankerous, and not exactly chivalrous to Anna in the beginning. He is vain (about his sled and reindeer), and a bit stuck up about how naive Anna is.

NOT Slytherin

Defense: Shang isn't like the counselor to the Emperor. He doesn't belittle his men, or make himself more because his father is a general. And although Shang plans a lot of traditional battlefield strategy, the best plans of the film are the unpredictable, totally inspired ones Mulan comes up with.

PROBABLE: Hufflepuff - Shang works hard taking farmers, yeomen, and one very overwhelmed woman, and turning them into an imperial army for his father. He does all the drills with his men himself, and isn't elitist when talking with them.

PROBABLE: Gryffindor - Shang leads an army, and even after finding his father dead on the battlefield, carries on his legacy in spite of his grief. When Mulan is revealed as a woman, Shang isn't afraid to flout the rules in the face of what is right: a life for a life.

POSSIBLE: Ravenclaw - Shang is obviously intelligent in order to get a captain commission. He also sees and values Mulan as a soldier first, and a woman second, even after his discovery, he listens to her ideas to defeat Shan Yu and save the Emperor.

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