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Tell Us Which Movie Couples You're Soooo Glad Broke Up

Not all movie couples are meant to be endgame.

I'm just gonna cut to the chase, folks: I'm a huge fan of movies, and whenever I watch a flick where a couple we're supposed to love doesn't end up together, I'm not always sad. I'm actually pretty darn relieved.

Netflix / Via

Because sometimes, a lot of these movie couples are actually better off without each other. So I want to know from you, dear reader: Which movie couple are you *so* glad didn't end up together?

Celeste and Jesse from "Celeste and Jesse Forever" yelling at each other in the street
Sony Pictures Classics / Via

Maybe you were actually happy that Mia and Sebastian didn't end up together in La La Land because they wanted completely different things, and they would've just continued to hurt each other more.

Mia and Sebastian taking one last look at each other at the jazz club, with love and sadness
Lionsgate / Via

Or perhaps you were relieved that Elio and Oliver broke up by the end of Call Me By Your Name because Elio was so young, and he deserved to explore his love life with someone his own age.

Elio watching Oliver dance under the lights
Sony Pictures Classics / Via

Or maybe you were ecstatic that Savannah dumped Kenneth in Waiting to Exhale because she deserved a healthier relationship than one with a married man.

Savannah telling her married boyfriend he's the scum of the earth
20th Century Fox

Whoever it is, we want to know! Tell us which movie couples you're so glad didn't end up together, and *WHY* you think so, in the comments below.

Emma and Adèle kissing each other in the middle of the street
Wild Bunch

The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

Astrid telling her ex-husband that she can't make him something he's not, which is a man
Warner Bros. Pictures / Via