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When Did The Media Fail A Celebrity?

Anna Nicole Smith deserved better.

On February 5th, FX/Hulu dropped a new episode in The New York Times Presents series, titled "Framing Britney Spears."

Daily News front page February 18, 2007, Headline: BRITNEY SHEARS, Shocking pix as superstar teeters on edge of a breakdown, 'Oh my God, my hair's gone! I just shaved my hair off!
New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

People can't stop talking about the new documentary because of the gruesome insight we get into Spears' career, and how the media failed her.


It sparked a big conversation around the media's effect on her career, especially after her breakup from Justin Timberlake in 2002, and how everyone demonized Spears and celebrated Timberlake.

ABC / Hulu / FX

This made me want to ask you, dear reader: When did the media fail a celebrity?

Unfortunately, there are many people to choose from.

From Whitney Houston to Anna Nicole Smith, their image was construed to make them "bad," "wild," and "unstable" celebrities, when in reality, they were human beings going through deeply personal issues in the public eye.

Daily News cover after Anna Nicole Smith's death: "Sis tells all: Implants, drugs & lipo, Anna's 'husband' lawyer take baby, Anna Nicole Smith"
New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

The cover of The Daily News a few days after Anna Nicole Smith's death on February 8th, 2007.

Tell us which celebrity you believe deserves an apology from the media (and why you believe so) in the comments below.

Daily Mail / 2018, Daily Mail / 2019

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