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What's The Worst Thing A Therapist Has Ever Said To You?

Sometimes they aren't helpful.

There are some really good therapists out there who do nothing but look out for your best interests and will do anything to make sure you're getting the necessary help you need to become emotionally stronger.


Then there are therapists who sometimes say the wrong things that don't help you at all. In fact, they can end up being counterproductive and can unravel a lot of the hard work you've been putting in.


If you've been in therapy, I want to know: What's the worst thing a therapist has ever said to you?

Maybe your therapist told you something short but painful, like that everything you were experiencing wasn't real — you were imagining the problem in your head.

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Or perhaps you participated in a group therapy session, and when you revealed something deeply personal, the therapist laughed in front of everyone and repeatedly said: "Wow, really?!"


Or maybe you identify as a woman, and when you confided in your male therapist about your seasonal depression, he told you that you didn't really have depression and that "getting a manicure would resolve your sadness."


Whatever it is, we want to know. Tell us the worst thing a therapist has ever said to you in the comments below (or fill it out in this Google Form if you want to remain anonymous).


The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.