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    The 17 Most Upsetting "Boy Meets World" Moments That Are Still Disturbing After All These Years

    Boy Meets World was ROUGH for a kids show.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the saddest and darkest moment from Boy Meets World. Here are the results.

    Note: Some of these submissions include topics of sexual assault and physical abuse.

    1. When Cory's little brother, Joshua, was born prematurely and almost died.

    2. When Mr. Turner got into a motorcycle accident and Shawn had to deal with the possibility of living without him.

    3. When Eric wasn't able to adopt Tommy and they had a heartbreaking fight.

    4. When Shawn joined a cult that took advantage of him, and Alan stood up for his safety against the creepy leader.

    5. When Topanga's professor inappropriately hit on her.

    6. When the gang competed in a prank war, and Cory and Shawn took it to a disturbing level.

    7. When Shawn and his dad, Chet, had a deeply emotional moment before he died of a heart attack.

    8. When Cory found out Topanga's dad cheated on her mom, and that's why they couldn't stay together anymore.

    9. When Shawn let his friend hide in his trailer because her father physically abused her.

    10. When someone was horribly racist to Eric's girlfriend at the mall because of her Japanese heritage.

    11. When Cory forced Shawn to get drunk with him, and Alan wrongly placed the blame all on Shawn.

    12. And when Shawn continued to drink to deal with his frustrations, and shoved Angela against the door when she tried to help.

    13. When Mr. Feeny's teacher assistant helped Eric cheat on a test because she thought he was too stupid to pass on his own.

    14. When Topanga's parents forced her to move to Pittsburgh, and then she ran away because she was unhappy without Cory.

    15. When Shawn had a nightmare he killed everyone he loved, all because he realized he couldn't handle the pain of Cory and Topanga's breakup.

    16. When Topanga said a tearful goodbye to Mr. Feeny in the last episode.

    17. And when Mr. Feeny said these heartbreaking last words to his favorite students, Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric.